Winner Of This Generation: The Family Gamer On PS3, Wii & DS

The Family Gamer comments on Current Generation:

"Once our PS3's have been battered and scratched by various two year olds, our Wii's have had all manner of thin items inserted in their slots and our stylus-less DS's are played with a cocktail stick, only then can we sit back and see how well this generation's gaming project has worked out."

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timmyp533944d ago

dont know y all those channels are added

MK_Red3944d ago

I added them since Kotaku said its about current gen and the winner of this generation but agree on it being more about Miis and family.

SW3944d ago

I wish my ds' only problem was a missing stylus. I've got three that are hingeless. And superglue doesn't work all that well keeping them together.

Bazookajoe_833944d ago

Not for me, maybe when i get kids, lets say about 4-5 years. Then the next generation has probably startded...

alexander22rednaxela3944d ago

This generation have been a great fall for sony this far.

BubblesDAVERAGE3944d ago

Sony is in a great position with the ps2 still selling and wii sales going down and down and ps3 sales going up and middle america thinking all xbox 360 are gonna pop out on you....This has valid points

djt233944d ago

HUH hhuh huh ??????? ok i get it