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E4G: With the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade only recently starting, this first game, Limbo, has already astounded many gamers. People from all backgrounds and with different gaming experiences have claimed that Limbo is one of their favorite arcade games and will be for a long time. So what is there to get so excited about? What exactly is it that makes it so good? The only description given is this: "Uncertain of his sister's fate, a boy enters LIMBO."

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dkblackhawk502980d ago

Great game in my opinion, really enjoyed this.

mmoracerules2980d ago

It wasn't worth the 1200 MS ponits, 1000 would have been better...but I blame Microsof'ts currency on this one.

dkblackhawk502980d ago

People favor different currencies, I personally like using dollar for dollar but then again you end up getting taxed depending on your location etc.

mmoracerules2980d ago

That is true, I think that was one of the reasons why MS made their own currency.

Neo Nugget2980d ago

I get taxed on XBL, but not PSN.


kissmeimgreek2980d ago

if it didnt use MS poits it would still just be $15. not having points wouldnt change how mch you pay for it.

Perjoss2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

£40 for a 12 hour game is pretty standard these days, hell some devs get away with even less than 12 hours and are still getting high review scores, now go do some maths and come back. £10 for 3 hours is fine as long as those 3 hours are quality, which they are in LIMBO.

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mmoracerules2980d ago

Great review! At least this one in particular goes into why it is such a high score.

dkblackhawk502980d ago

It is also short and sweet :P Like the cake that wasn't a lie ;)

Lich1202980d ago

Holy crap, who are the people disagreeing with everyone? It is a great game.

-MD-2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Ok I played the trial earlier and got seriously frustrated. Like 3 minutes into it you reach a small area of water with a box and I seriously couldn't figure out how to get past it.

Call me an idiot all you want but nothing worked. Anyone?

Edit: @ Xiphos - Thanks for the reply, I didn't even try to use the tree. Too many brainless FPS lately =)

Megaton2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Climb a tree, knock a log down, push the box against the log to safely get across both objects on the water. There's also an achievement thing up in the trees there.

It really never struck me as all that difficult. Had to slap on the thinking cap a couple times in the later levels, but I knocked out the whole game in a about 3 hours, one sitting, no walkthrough.

Edit - Sure, no problem.

ChronoJoe2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

lol fuck off is a 3-4hour game 9.9.

I sorry, but it's just people who managed to be enamoured by the artstyle/presentation. It probably has an epic ending too, people get caught up in that a lot of the time and overrate.

Not that I don't doubt it's good. Mind you. Not saying it's a bad game, at all.

goxbox3602980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

the playthroughs on youtube are under an hour long...

kinda like braid i guess, similar overated puzzle based platformer with endearing artstyle.

Lich1202980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

I disagree, The puzzles are fantastic the first time through. Of course you can run through it easily if you know what you're doing, but thats not the point. Everyone has there own tastes, and personally, I think 3 hours for 15 bucks is pretty on point. Especially when the art direction is great and the design work is top notch.

Edit: Also, i didnt actually click disagree (I prefer to note my disagrees with text)

Freak of Nature2980d ago

The opposite of generic is a good way to describe this game...

Creative & stylish,and a fresh breath of air...Fun and as atmospheric as it gets. The games puzzles ramp up real nice from the middle to the end.

It's real clear why this game is getting such high scores,well deserved...

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