'Rainbow Six: Vegas' Getting an Add-On?

Almost a year after the original Rainbow Six: Vegas release, a new product listing on UK online retailer, reveals an upcoming add-on Rainbow Six: Vegas Bishop.

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alexander22rednaxela3781d ago

If this is true, Rainbow Six: Vegas Bishop have the worst marketing team ever.

HungPHAT3781d ago

Seems kinda cool, for $29.99 It must be Huge download and alot of content

LSDARBY3781d ago

I doubt its an addon for £35 and a seperate disk, It could be a new game but just be online or something. Is there anything on the Ubi site?

MACHone3781d ago

I don't need to tell all of you how great Rainbow Six: Vegas is -- you already know. Even me, not being a fan of Tom Clancy games, Vegas online was extremely addictive. I always like to hear that developers are expanding on already great games. If you've got a good product, guys, run with it!

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The story is too old to be commented.