A few details about The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Some information about The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has been released, which includes whether or not the game will have voice acting.

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GamingForever3063d ago

need more images and videos! Good details though.. this game is making me excited...

jazzking20013063d ago

the game looks good

OneSneakyMofo3063d ago

I remember the day I bought my Wii. I went home, sat down, played Zelda 50 hours nonstop until I beat it. I will do the same with this game. I'm so glad it's cel-shaded too. The more I play Wind Waker, the more it grows to knock off Ocarina of Time as my favorite Zelda game.

ChickeyCantor3063d ago

So you finally tasted the goods that is windwaker?
Best 3D zelda!

Valay3063d ago

Well, I might as well answer my own question! At one point, I kind of wanted voice acting quite a bit, but now I'm not so sure. Probably because we've never seen it in a Zelda game. One thing that I know for sure is that I would never want Link to have a voice.

MartinGlow3063d ago

Well, Link doesn't need to talk. He can still do his yells and whatnot. I would not want Link talking. I wouldn't mind other characters to talk though.

AWBrawler3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

the two main characters never talk, but everyone else does, and it works well. They could do that,but no the lack of voice work does not hurt the game

-Mezzo-3063d ago

Sounds Great, looking Forward to it. :D

Seijoru3063d ago

Gah no VA kinda pisses me off, its about time at least the other chars get VA. Glad to hear Zelda is in the game.

Kamikaze1353063d ago

Zelda is a franchise that would go well with good voice acting. Link can remain voiceless, but other characters and narrators need voice actors! =)

Dac2u3063d ago

I totally agree, I loved Twilight Princess, but I would have liked it to have had VA. If done well, it gives the characters a lot more personality.

lightningsax3063d ago

"-Not saying if Ganon is in yet"

Is Nintendo *still* trying to keep up suspense over whether or not Ganon is in a marquee Zelda game? They're funny people.

Actually, I think it would be pretty cool if Ridley showed up instead, but whatever.

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The story is too old to be commented.