Someone got StarCraft 2 early and made an unboxing video about it.

Blizzard makes the best Collectors Editions ever. Unlike most which are not limited at all, Blizzard only makes a certain number of these things and puts a ton of stuff in them. I want that USB drive so baddddddd.

Didn’t preorder one in time? Have no fear! I’m sure you can get one off ebay for 500 bucks. :)

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WetN00dle693063d ago

No need for ebay! Your Local Bestbuy should have a SHITE load of copies.
All of my local Bestbuys already have them available BUT cannot be sold till the 27th.

Perjoss3062d ago

I advise people that are interested in the story of SC2 and playing it mainly for that reason to stay AWAY from forums and news posts like this one, There are quite a few people around that like to post massive spoilers about the ending for the sole reason to ruin your fun.

I had the ending of Heavy Rain spoiled for me, no warning and it wasn't even a post about heavy rain, it was for some other ps3 exclusive, It was in the comments for a game review on Eurogamer. The post was simply "The origami killer is __________" obviously the blank was filled in, so just be warned.

WetN00dle693062d ago

Cool stuff man. Yeah i tend to stay away from reviews and whatnot.
And it sucks to what happened to you and Heavy Rain.

allyc4t3062d ago

I apologize if this spoiled the game for you in any way. The sole purpose of this post was to show people what they get in the collectors edition. It was in no way to spoil your fun.

I think it sucks that Heavy Rain was spoiled for you, I had that happen to me with Halo 3 and MW2.

Perjoss3062d ago

ally my post was not aimed at this news item, it was just a warning to fellow starcraft fans, now that I think about it the ending for this game *might* be pretty straight forward with no major twists etc, nothing like a thriller where its important to not know the ending until you see it for yourself.

I'm mostly concerned for not having a blizzard game spoiled as they dont release games very often and they are usually top quality games they should not be spoiled.


Looks amazing, that's a lot of content.

Spydiggity3062d ago

got mine on amazon, hassle free.

WetN00dle693062d ago

I wanted to buy mine from Amazon BUT now that the site themselves arent selling it the only ones left are the sellers and they have it for 144 my best bet would be Bestbuy.

IaMs123062d ago

Im pretty sure my local walmart will not be sold out of them, plus im going midnight to go get one, and if its sold out i will be very surprised at my town

Chnswdchldrn3062d ago

can somebody please clarify me on the starcraft 2 subscription fee? will us players have to pay a fee to play it online or is that just for other countries...sorta confused

jdktech20103062d ago

There is NO fee for US players past the full game purchase. That monthly payment plan is for countries like Brazil and a few others (check bnet sc2 page or google for full list)

There is no monthly fee to play SC2 in the US or Canada, most of Europe, etc.

amrasmord3062d ago

You will have to pay 42$/week to play the epicness that is SC2. But you cannot send this money directly to Blizzard (it's written in the Terms Of Service). You must send the money to: 1337 Youranoob Street, California. Hope that helps! :D

Chnswdchldrn3062d ago

dangit 42 dollars a week!

I'm saving up for when mw2 has a subscription fee also so idk how this will work

IaMs123062d ago

Why waste your money on that?

hassi943062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Wherever StarCraft II is sold, people can just buy the game and play it indefinitely, no subscription.

HOWEVER, if you're in Korea (and a few select countries) there is another option of getting the game free if you already play World of Warcraft, but only for the duration of your WoW subscription.

If you're out of Korea no such option exists, so you just buy the game and play as with any other regular non-mmo PC game.

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