Dragon Age II: The New Art Style

Gameinformer: "During our trip to BioWare’s offices, we had the chance to sit down with the company’s senior artist Matt Goldman and talk about the visuals behind Dragon Age II and learn a bit more about the team’s creative direction. Here are some of the highlights in Goldman’s own words."

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SeanRL3063d ago

Those graphics are damn sexy.

clank5433063d ago

Well, pretty much anything is better than the first one's! That was really the one department where the game failed miserably for me. I'm not even a graphics whore and those were UGLY! I would also like to see them make it slightly more console friendly with the menu system.

gcolley3063d ago

you sound like one. the graphics were not a failure

Faztkiller3063d ago

Dragon Age 2 is going to be awesome loving the new art

Nihilism3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

I don't like the fact that they are forcing you to use 1 character, it wouldn't be a problem if it was like that from the start, but they changed continuity...again, I feel they are borrowing very heavily from the witcher, more so than the first DA...

I always play female PC''s all part of the escapism, besides 99% of male character appearance choices look like they have downs syndrome.


I don't know if you play as a mage, but as a sword and shield warrior there is plenty of shiny metallic surfaces to get blood splatter on, it looks awesome.

Too bad all the physical attacking builds in DA are gimped and the mage is the only worthy build besides dual daggered rogue...

eg. Runes do not add damage to activated talents, and passive mage fire+ ice buffs do not add damage to activated talents. So you miss out on 30+ fire damage + 20+ ice damage + 3x5 damage runes for each weapon, that's 65 less damage per hit, per weapon, when using you do more damage with passive talents only.

ThanatosDMC3063d ago

"besides 99% of male character appearance choices look like they have downs syndrome."


ThanatosDMC3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Yup, played as a mage on my third playthrough. I went City Elf Rogue with dual full 3 socket weapon based on str and dex. I didnt do as much damage my fourth playthrough cunning based rouge with 50 dex for hit and dodge rate. I hate Stealth.

Archer build is by far the best in my experience though i did love my ultra powerful mage... but i play on Nightmare so he tends to also kill all my meatshields.

Templar Cleanse was a bitch in the Circle Tower. Turns off all 4 of my buffs.

Spenok3060d ago

I have to agree with you here. You would think if this character is shrouded im so much mystery that you would be able to make him any race you wanted. During the story you could have random encounters where people were like, "Wait, i thought you were Human." And your reply could be something like, "Nope, im Elvaan." Or something along those lines. It wouldnt be hard to do, since hearsay and rumours start and turn into all sorts of ridiculous. Oh well i guess. :/

ThanatosDMC3063d ago

I hope the blood is splatter on the character is better and not the whole i just took a shower of blood after killing an enemy made of metal, but i dont mind as long as my character looks badass still.

labwarrior3063d ago

Diablo 3 going fancy colored is 100000x worst

Nihilism3063d ago

Diablo 2 was horribly dark, no matter what settings you had it on, it was hard on my eyes for any extended period of time, and I don't have that problem with other games, besides magic and special effects...isn't that the staple of any RPG?, I'm glad about the art direction, the game looks graphically awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.