Boxart Oblivion GOTY-edition

Bethesda Softworks presented the PS3 version of the boxart of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year edition. Hit the jump to see the boxart.

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Lord Anubis3910d ago

What's in the game of the year edition?

heavymetal3k3910d ago

all of the updates and downloadable content, maybe more.

okcomputer3910d ago

Does it include the shivering isles expansion too?

Bazookajoe_833910d ago

I only seen the 360 version, i heard ps3 version looks better?

rhood0223910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

Yeah it does. The PS3 version has a larger draw distance and they went in and added more vegetation and cleaned up some textures. Also, the PS3 version has faster load times because the game caches memory to the harddrive.

Although, they released an update for the 360 version that was supposed to do the same things (minus the load times--I think). I own both versions, but I didn't notice any change in the 360 version except in the amount of vegetation. The draw distances and textures don't appear to have changed when compared to the PS3 version.

Both versions are good though, it just depends on console preference.

Charlie26883910d ago


the update to the PS3 was done in 3 different tiers

-Loading times
Using the PS3 HDD and the PS3 specific optimizations the loading times were significantly reduced from its original version (some 7-10 sec load times were reduced to 3-5 secs)

-larger draw distance and performance
Using extra time the devs increased the draw distance and how well it performed also increasing the visible quantity of vegetation, later on a patch was released for the 360 including this optimizations but the effect is more notorious on the PS3 version as seen in the screenshot comparisons

-PS3 development specific optimization
Since the devs didn't made a direct port from the 360 version but rather a fully optimized PS3 version of Oblivion it was possible to make some extra adjustments such as the significant reduction of frame rate issues found in the 360 version in some areas as well as some improved and/or sharper textures, this was not implemented in the 360 patch due to its nature as a process of specific PS3 development

there you go if I find more ill update ^^

rhood0223910d ago

Thanks for clarifying. I wasn't too sure about all the specifics of the changes. It's been a while since a looked at them.

CNIVEK3910d ago PS3 owners who bought Oblivion back in March. After waiting a whole year longer for the game, they could've waited a few more months, and got the complete game.

rhood0223910d ago

The same could be said for 360 owners who got the game on day 1, only to shell out almost the original cost of the game buying the add-ons (me included).

I mean, anyone who played Morrowind knew that they'd do a GOTY edition for Oblivion with all the extra content at the original price. However, they announced the GOTY edition, what a month ago? For those who didn't know a GOTY edition was coming getting to play this awesome game was all that mattered.

Dr Pepper3910d ago

As long as it's like Morrowind and my saved game is transferred over, I'll be buying it. This was why I wasn't concerned with buying all the extra content, as this was obviously going to happen.

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The story is too old to be commented.