Rumour - Gran Turismo 5 To Have Multiple Platinum Trophies (SpitPOD)

Great news for those trophy hunters, Polyphony Digital are deciding to put in multiple platinum trophies in the game, this is odd for single stand alone game to have the pinnacle trophy "The Platinum" multiple times.

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Playerz83064d ago

I'm honestly kinda confused if this is true or not, but I sure hope so..the more platinums the better.

Poseidon3064d ago

WHOOOAAAAH!!!!! ( . ) ( . )

rockleex3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

Because of all the content.

But is it likely to happen?

When you consider WRC, Super GT, NASCAR, Le Mans, Drift races, over 1000 cars, tons of license tests, many different leagues, etc.

I'll put this as a rumor for now, but I wouldn't be surprised if Sony allowed them to offer 3 Platinums either.

UltimateIdiot9113064d ago

Yeah, I see it being plausible since the game will be huge and without a doubt, some of the races will be brutal, not for the faint heart.

I just hope they have a trophy for finishing first in a 24 hour LeMans race. That will be a nice trophy to have.

sikbeta3064d ago

The Game will be Huge in every aspect, but I think it's going to be 1 Platinum, I don't see the "need", unless PD want to give you a plat for an "special" league, like Nascar for example....

vsr3064d ago

The game is BIG and BEAST baby.
Platinuming a GT game is like "Passing an exam with 100% merit"

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WildArmed3064d ago

Meh, it's fake.
I doubt they'll are going to give GT5 (specifically) multiple platforms.
It just seems like a rumor based on the fact that Sly Collection (note: 3 games! not one!) has 3 plats..

So... NO, there will be only one plat for GT5.
Unless they plan to include GT4 in there, but then it's still 1 plat for GT5.. and the other for GT4.

ZombieAutopsy3064d ago

Ohh man it would be sweet if they included GT4 remastered but i doubt thats gonna happen.

HeroXIV3064d ago

WRC, NASCAR, Le Mans and etc (etc is a HUGE HUGE amount of content) so... it warrents having 3 platinums for sure. You could even call the online component a completely seperate game.

Disccordia3064d ago

It doesn't warrant 3 platinums at all. The whole point of a platinum trophy is to show off to others that you've completed ALL other trophies. If Sony allow devs to give them away for doing any old task then it makes a mockery of the whole system.

BeOneWithTheGun3064d ago

but I wish they would give you a trophy (not necc. plat) for having a save file for the previous game or something. Call it the "Committment" trophy or something.

Mmmkay3064d ago

because we all have bc ps3 right?

ipe3064d ago

u ll need another life for 1 platinum.

100%, yeahhh right.

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ZombieNinjaPanda3064d ago

Curious about how this will work.

Xi3064d ago

I've played forza 2 a ton, and I have yet to complete the game, it's just too damn big, I know I wont be able to beat forza 3 by the time gt5 comes out and I'm sure that by forza 4 or my next racing purchase I won't complete that game either. If anything these games need to reduce the length of a lot of the campaign/career components not add extra trophies or achievements to try and hook scorewhores.

ZombieAutopsy3064d ago

Yes they should make games shorter so we get less for our money, that would make soooo many people happy. /s

Xi3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

I'm saying that it's pointless to create such a mass amount of content that few people will ever get to (note that last part, everyone should get to enjoy it not just the hardcore). I could easily get the rest of my achievements in forza 2, but for me it's just a giant grind and i hate subjecting such a great game to something so boring, sterile, and just not enjoyably. I'd much rather play forza 3 and have fun. I want to appreciate games I don't get to do that when I'm in a grind to get those last few achievements and trophies.

what I'm saying is, make the content, just shorten the campaign so everyone gets to enjoy it, not just the people who only get to play one racing game every 3 or 4 years.

ZombieAutopsy3064d ago

Ok well i understand that in a way (don't agree but can see where you're coming from), but for the die hard fans of the game it wouldn't be fair and especially with waiting so long for GT5. I still haven't beat GT5p yet but that just means it still has some value left in it (to me anyways).

Xi3064d ago

but imo, they wont, with the amount of content and value packed into gt5 no one will get shafted. Not to mention the most avid fans always form their own communities to create and push the shelf life of a game far past what the developer can ever accomplish.

You'll see drifting clubs, custom online race modes and challenges, video competitions, leader boards and ghosts, and ton of extra content. The diehards will always push through all the content, regardless if there's 20 hrs of career or 60hrs.

I just think it's pointless to create 3 trophies when probably < 3% will never even play the game enough to get one.

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