Japan Does What America Doesn’t: Charm

Think about the vast majority of major releases from American game studios. They’re gritty. They’re violent. They don’t feature bright colors, cuddly characters, or cutesy names. In many ways, they lack charm (Gears of War and Dragon Age represent many things, but charm certainly isn’t one of ’em).

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SeanRL3069d ago

They also do separate boob physics. However, they're not the only ones, sackboy came from the UK didn't he?

Sadie21003068d ago

Sackboy has boob physics? I don't get it...but maybe I wasn't looking closely enough.

Raypture3068d ago

Cute things are to Japan as Guns are to America.

hatchimatchi3068d ago

What's the point of this article?

It's called cultural differences.

rod_furlong3068d ago

If you read it I don't think you'd need to ask.

hatchimatchi3068d ago

I did read it. The author is bringing up talking points that have been around for years.

It's cultural differences and it's the same reason that jrps sell to a niche crowd in the states and why shooters don't sell nearly as well in Asian markets.

So again, what's the point of this article? This has been common knowledge since the late 1990's.

JamesDeRosa3068d ago

I like American and Japanese games equally. They just occupy different places.

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