Rumor: Starhawk Announcement Coming Soon?

Founder and President of Lightbox Interactive Dylan Jobe updated his Twitter account yesterday speaking about his new game reaching a milestone. Could this be the rumored sequel to Warhawk many people want announced?

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LordMarius2833d ago

Gamescom is going to be epic

sikbeta2833d ago

Totally, sure Sony will Announce loads of games there, Starhawk Must be there as well

Monolith2833d ago

yeah i think theyll announce starhawk, syphon filter, Resistance 3

GeoramA2833d ago

Hope it has a campaign.

Multiplayer-only games = Bleh!

Cajun Chicken2833d ago

Single player campaign and split screen OFFLINE please!

frankymv2833d ago


Warhawk was amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.