The Craziest Atari 2600 Commercials

Do you remember the ridiculous marketing surrounding the Atari 2600? This is a collection of some of the more ridiculous adverts.

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Sadie21002981d ago

Wow, I can barely, vaguely remember some of these!

Is that right? Mario Bros. was really on Atari 2600? That still doesn't sound right to me.

Caligula2980d ago

Really was. It was only slightly worse than the NES version.

Sadie21002980d ago

Wow, I can't remember it at all. But I'm surprised it's only slightly worse. I think of games like Pac-Man on 2600...and even as a little kid, I thought it was horrible (compared to the arcade version, which isn't a fair comparison, I know).

ThatArtGuy2979d ago

Yeah, *everyone* had arcade versions then, and no one complained when the Colecovision version was superior to the 2600 version. Those were the days.

As for Pac-Man, there's a really great version that someone made a couple years ago that is very similar to the arcade version. It's awesome. You can see it here:

bearsfaan2980d ago

The first time I ever played Mario Bros. was on the 2600.

Tolkoto2980d ago

These were sadly before my time.

Capdastaro2980d ago

Just been playing on my 7800/2600

Enduro and Joust ftw

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The story is too old to be commented.