Too Much Multiplayer?

Jim Sterling of Gamepro: Multiplayer is now the standard. Some of you may be very happy to admit this; some of you would do so begrudgingly. Whether you like it or not, multiplayer’s not only here to stay, but it’s everywhere. Inherently, this isn’t a problem—until you realize that time is finite, lives are temporary, and gamers have only so many weekends to dedicate to video games.

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SupaGamer3068d ago

I agree with the point that people expect/want multiplayer for pretty much every game.

Does Assassin's Creed really need Multiplayer? Arkham Asylum 2 better not be MP.

SeanRL3068d ago

Jim sterling needs to be fired.

Raz3067d ago

Not every game needs multiplayer. There ARE only so many multiplayer modes, and I tend to stick to the ones that have done them well (and where I've built up a good character).

Giving people the option to play co-op campaign, however, is a whole other story. If they wanna do that for every game, I have absolutely no problem with it. Bring it on!

mikeslemonade3067d ago

The problem is not too much multiplayer. It's the multiplayer that is tacked on. Yes, Assasin's Creed needs multiplayer. Every game needs multiplayer to increase sales. I'd buy more games. However the problem is I can't seem to play multiplayer of one game for more than one month without getting bored.

evrfighter3067d ago

Assassins Creed multiplayer will fail. Online on consoles is still in its infancy. People may think "oh hey that sounds kewl" but it really isn't going to work.

Console dev's should be looking to pc gaming of old to see how it did. Assassin's Creed co-op if done right could be the biggest thing since sliced bread. But even thinking about it. I can't see a pvp working. I just see splinter cell in my head whenever I think about it.

deadreckoning6663068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

"Jim sterling needs to be fired."

No, u just need a better sense of humor and learn how to accept the opinions of others. Jim Sterling hasn't done anything evil to anyone on this site. If you don't like his articles...simply don't click and go on about your day.

"Arkham Asylum 2 better not be MP."

You wouldn't want to play as Batman with you friend as Robin in online co-op? Ummm, O-KAY. Its ur opinion dude.

As far as the article is concerned, I would NEVER spend sixty dollars on a game if it had no multiplayer.

The REAL problem is that people buy TONS of multiplayer games at once and complain because there too hard when the reality is that the reason that they suck is because they don't dedicate their time to 1 or 2 multiplayer games at a time to get good and learn the maps as Sterling says. This is why I'm sticking to only BC2 and Uncharted 2 for the next year or so as far as MP shooters are concerned.

RememberThe3573068d ago

Who the hell would disagree with you on that.

"F*ck that hate hate laughing, and I hate other peoples opinions!"

SeanRL3068d ago

He's a douche, and I don't go to his articles, not anymore. I don't mind people making some jokes about a game and realizing that it has flaws, but he's a retard about it. Have you forgotten that he played mgs4 on the easiest difficulty and then made fun of the A.I.?

RockmanII73067d ago

wow, you know how hold a grudge. How many years ago was that?

takohma3067d ago

So in your opinion GoW3 should of had multiplayer in it? I gotta disagree with that if you think so. Multiplayer games are great but every once in a while I want to be fully involved in a game completely by myself. So you also think Alan Wake should be multiplayer also?!?! Some games are better for the experience as a single player.

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Imperator3067d ago

Halo Reach this year and KZ3 next year is all the MP I need. Most other games don't do it right and it just makes the devs. make a weaker SP and bad MP. I'd rather have a solid SP with no MP then a weak SP with weak MP.

ingiomar3068d ago

Every game should have SOME kind off multiplayer!!

ZombieAutopsy3068d ago

Most of the time i would prefer online and offline co-op over MP.

D4RkNIKON3068d ago

co-op is a form of multiplayer

ZombieAutopsy3068d ago

i believe the article was referencing to Competitive no coop.

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theonlylolking3068d ago

1.split screen un reanked multiplayer matches
2.offline split screen
3.Great single player experiences
4.split screen co-op online support(PS3)

Rucury3068d ago

"Jim Sterling of Gamepro"!?!?!?

I did not know!


Acquiescence3068d ago

he's throwing his weight around.

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