Corrections & Amplifications

VG27 writes:
Activision Blizzard Inc. hasn't disclosed development costs for its "Starcraft II" videogame. A July 16 Technology article about the "Starcraft" sequel incorrectly said the company spent more than $100 million to develop the game; that figure referred to its "World of Warcraft" game.

There is no capital-gains tax this year on most investments held for more than a year for couples filing jointly with incomes of $68,000 or less. A chart accompanying a July 15 U.S. News article about the impending expiration of President George W. Bush's tax cuts incorrectly implied that the capital-gains rate is 15% for taxpayers of all income levels.

John Eastman is a professor at Chapman University Law School. A July 7 front-page article about the federal government's lawsuit seeking to block Arizona's immigration law incorrectly stated his title as dean, a post he formerly held.

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trounbyfire3042d ago

every now and then a pc game sales crazy, i think the sims was the last one to do so