Scrawlfx Hands-On: The Sly Collection

Scrawlfx writes: With the success the God of War Collection has seen, it’s easy to see why Sony would continue the trend and move forth with more high-definition remakes. Next up on the list is The Sly Collection. When I went to get my hands on it at a recent Sony preview event in New York City, the first thing I thought to myself was “why Sly“?

That’s not to say that Sly Cooper is a bad game, not at all. That’s just me wondering why – when everybody chanted for a Team ICO Collection – a Sly Collection arrived instead.

As it turns out, it was Sanzaru’s choice – an upcoming developer based in Foster City. They’re handling the development on The Sly Collection and, from what I’ve seen, are doing incredibly well. I’ve never got into the Sly series on the PS2, so they’ve created the perfect opportunity for me to immerse myself into it.

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