Six things that suck about the Xbox 360, Wii and PS3

People haven't get realized each of the next...errr...current generation consoles. In this story the consoles are compared and offer a unique insight into the pros and cons of each console. The pros are easy to write about, as all three consoles have a lot going for them, so in this post there practically all negative things on each consoles and focus on six things that suck about each one. These are presented in no particular order, there is not top six, or anything like that at all.

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TriggerHappy3917d ago

Although regardless of how accurate this is. there will always be other reasons that each "Fanboy" will bring up to make their system better.

I expect this to turn into a comparison btn X360 and PS3 quick...

okcomputer3917d ago

But doesn't every post eventually turn into fanboy comparisons of the 360 and ps3?

TriggerHappy3917d ago

They do but with this post, the wii is mentioned as well but how many people are going to talk about it ?

unsunghero283917d ago

[The glass of water on my desk begins to shake]


SWORDF1SH3917d ago

lol (puts on a robin williams jumunga style voice) STAAAAAAAMMMMMMMPPPEEEEDDDEEEE E

ilovepswii603917d ago

sigh get the popcorn out agen

Fisher3393917d ago

Many of the points were true, all 3 systems had there flaws pointed out.

akaFullMetal3917d ago

true that all three have their flaws, but the flaws of the ps3 i think are really grasping at straws, not having a usb in the back is one???? come on thats a joke!! but he is right about the games and ports, but that is the only thing i see really wrong, and the price being to expensive for some, but if you count all the stuff thats packed in it, it really is worth it. but that will never ever make sense to a xbox fanboy, til the ps3 is cheaper, and then and just then, they might think the ps3 is worth its price