Play as Al-Qaeda? I can’t support the new Medal of Honor

Hamza CTZ Aziz of Destructoid: Needless to say, I got pretty excited when I heard a new Medal of Honor was in the works. The fact that the game takes place in my home country of Afghanistan got me even more hyped. Blow terrorists up? Awesome! America! Football! Hamburgers! Dancing with the Stars!

Then I got my hands on it and it became a different story. I soon realized that this iteration of the franchise allows you to control and role play as the people responsible for terrorizing my friend’s and family’s homeland, both here and overseas. In the shuffle of an EA press event at a shoulder’s length away from my peers, I just froze there looking at the different playable Al-Qaeda characters. It’s funny how we keep feelings in the backs of our minds, and how they can just suddenly appear when the situation arises.

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Yi-Long3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

... one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

Don't you think half the world has their doubts about playing as a western soldier bombing and shooting the shit out of poor foreigners protecting their land!?

OFCOURSE, Al Qaide, as well as the Taliban, are utter and complete SCUMMBAGS...

No question about that.

But obviously, there are a huge amount of people in the world who feel the same way about our troops. And TBH, in some cases where our motives for war are pretty debatable, they might be very right.

yewles13063d ago

"... one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter."

Remind me to retaliate whenever you use THAT excuse to kill MY family.

GWAVE3063d ago

Not that I support the Taliban or political terrorists in any way, shape, or form...

...but people are fine playing as gangbangers, drug-dealers, and murderers (who really do kill innocent people and destroy lives) in the GTA series. If you're going to take the moral highroad, take it in all respects.

Imperator3063d ago

Eh, most people are hypocrites.

NecrumSlavery3063d ago

As a soldier, who has fought in Afghanistan and in Helmand Provenance, I kind of thought real hard about it as I was playing the beta. It's a skin glued to some polygons. If I think of as anything else, I'd not want to play it. Any game where you play as a bad guy who kills Americans or anyone for that instant is offensive...if you let it.. The Nazis, the zombies, the helghast, the covenant, they all represent war and the reality is those against you want to kill you. You play as russians in MW2. americans might find it offensive that russians are killing them, or russians may be offended they are getting killed by americans. I think the issue derives from the sence of realism. But without a meaning to make a joke here, Taliban are dumb. They are wreckless and unorganized from the leaders to the footmen. The only ones in the taliban regime that have any clue of tactics are the officers in their ranks who send their warfighters out like chess peices. they can't shoot, they fight like cowards. they don't carry guns, instead they shoot from a cache, then drop the waopon and run from building to building, tunnel to tunnel to another cache and receive another weapon. This way when yo snag a PUC, they won't be found with a gun, and can claim they are just a farmer. i guess they have a little bit of brains, them lying bastards. so when i'm playing a match in kabul, and take one in the face from a taliban guy, I just say to myself it's only a game, and take 0% of it to heart. let's not turn this into a issue like konami's 7 days in fallujah. it's not that big of a deal.

Megaton3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

"one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter."

That's a controversial thing to say, and I'm not surprised the first response was offended by it, but it does hold some truth. Different people, different countries, different histories, different perspectives.

Natsu X FairyTail3063d ago

AMEN @ YI-Long.

you are wise my friend. Bubbles+

gamingisnotacrime3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

true but still, would you support freedom fighters that kill your family and neighbors JUST Cause u american. that is the only reason they need to cut ones head with a sword.
I will play a 1000 games blowing those suckers up than 1 game were i play as one of those scumbags and aim the rifle at my country men and women

really unnecessary and not likely to be popular among americans

Edit @ GWAVE

is not about who is right or wrong. unbiased analysis might show taht the US is actually responsible for most of the blodshed, but that does not mean one will sympathize with the people who are killing day in and day out our men and women on the armed forces.
i will favor my country's army any day no matter what and NEVER attack it

SeanRL3063d ago

Captain obvious has got it right. It's just a game, you think it's any nicer for the japanese to kill their own in BF1943? It's stupid to not buy a game for this.

Darkstorn3063d ago

The Al-Qaida have committed atrocities on a vast scale, but American troops are not without some level of fault as well. No army is perfect.

However, I can understand how some people find it offensive. While I personally see nothing wrong with it, I encourage those who feel that this is disrespectful to refrain from playing the game.

raztad3063d ago

I want to play as the "bad guys" as well. KZ3 is another game I'm itchy to play as the bad dudes. I'm going to wait for reviews to see if the "terrorist" section is substantial or just a couple of minutes. W/o going falling in a political debate, I'm gonna say only this: DONT turn my games into a propaganda/brainwashing machinery.

Dee_913063d ago

this is a video game right ?

PoSTedUP3063d ago

but yeah its just a game guys.

i will shoot the USnavySeal in the head just as fast as the terrorist as long as im getting my XP for it


inception1233063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

lol it is funny that people are willing to defend a terrorist organization just to defend games. people get your priorities in order seriouly. these are the people who killed over 3,000 people on 9/11 and you're calling them freedom fighters? let me guess you don''t have a problem with nazis either? there is a reason osama is the most wanted man in the world and it is not because he is innocent. i swear gamers are fvcking retards no matter what you refuse to say some things are wrong with gaming.

rdgneoz33063d ago

@inception123 Read about the cold war and Afghanistan, its interesting.
Wiki (not the best reference but easier to reference instead of history books):
"The United States began training insurgents in, and directing propaganda broadcasts into Afghanistan from Pakistan in 1978. Then, in early 1979, U.S. foreign service officers began meeting insurgent leaders to determine their needs. According to the then US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, CIA financial aid to the insurgents within Afghanistan was approved in July 1979, six months before the Soviet Invasion, though after the Soviets were already covertly engaged there. Arms were sent after the formal invasion."
"US 'Paramilitary Officers' from the CIA's Special Activities Division were instrumental in training, equipping and sometimes leading Mujihadeen forces against the Soviet Army."
"the United States donating '$600 million in aid per year, with a matching amount coming from the Persian Gulf states.'"
"Once the Soviets withdrew, US interest in Afghanistan ceased. The US decided not to help with reconstruction of the country and instead they handed over the interests of the country to US allies, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan"
"Estimates of the Afghan deaths vary from 100,000 to 1 million"

/\ We helped train Afgani mujahideen / "guerrilla fighter", gave them money and weapons to fight the Soviets, and when everything was done, we kicked them to the curb for others to deal with. I don't support their killing of innocent people (they deserve to die for it), but the US is not the most innocent country in the world.

Seeing as its a more modern game than other shooters, people have a problem with playing the bad guy. But no one has been up in arms about killing American soldiers in shooters while playing as the Soviets, Japanese, or Nazis.

PoSTedUP3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

dont be oblivious to the fact that USA is responsible for hundreds of ground zeros all over the world and has attempted to take over over 45 foreign goverments since 1945, USA (along with other superpowers) is the cause for third world countrys by exploiting their people and raping their land to use for slave labor and to our own benefit. we have killed OVER 100,000 innocent civilians over in the middle east since the start of the war. it is time to wake up and see that we start wars for our own benefit and invade small country's so we can use for resources and other cheap labor. WE HAD it coming bruh. i feel sori for the american citizens that lost their lives on 9/11 dont get me wrong, but something like this was bound to happen. if a large country was invading USA you bet your ass WE will be strapping bombs to our own ass and trying to take out as many of those m************ as we could and WE would be called heros for that, just like they are doing in the middle east. why do you think the women and kids are throwing stones at tanks? they dont want us there, we only do harm and 90% of the world knows this. there are many documentary's you can watch that tells storys of our troops killing innocent people who didnt have it comming to them. we are not defending terrorists. we are telling it like it is, dont listen to the news because the media blinds you, look up facts and analyze for your self. im not going to even get into osama (he was a cia tactician for our government, we funded that man to make him who he is today). im just spreading the word for someone like you who has been blind to the fact and never really thought about this situation (tho is seems). people need to wake up. the USA will never change, we got this counrty by exterminating 11,000,000 native americans, try and find THOSE WORDS in your history books. USA may be the land of the free, but we are home of the slaves, and our practices and the way we do business are dirty and evil. and that is why the world hates us. not because they are jealous, because we have destroyed millions apon millions of lives and we continue to do so.

JewyMcJew3063d ago

"one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter"

Moral relativism aside, if anyone thinks Al Qaeda is fighting for freedom than they and I have very different idea of what the word "freedom" means.

If you believe freedom means the right to convert and practice any wish you chose, marry who you wish, leave your house without asking for permission from your male child, build a church, mosque or Hindu temple, than welcome to the West!

rdgneoz33063d ago

@casualkiss All your "freedoms" were good except "marry who you wish". Gay marriage isn't legal in the US yet, unlike some other countries :P

Millah3063d ago

Hey guys, I better stop playing Counter Strike. Turns out one team plays as terrorists, and kills the counter terrorists. OMG

PotatoClock3063d ago

No consquences. Made by an American company, so your dollars are not supporting terroists in any way. A damn game.

Theres no issue here. The only role they will play in this game is that their the other team. I highly doubt they'll do any "controversial" MW2 type scene in it at all where you have to actually do what a terroist does. They'll just be the other side in a conflict, the same deal thats been done with any other FPS, thats it.

Inception, don't play games if you can't understand what fiction is.

jetlian3063d ago

who follows what america is doing just because your an american should be classed as a terrorist!!!

I don't see how anybody can think america should and does have army bases around the world and think thats normal. i don't see foreign troops walking on u.s. soil. Then US always wanna pretend they are the victim

HolyOrangeCows3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

I can't support any WW2 game with multiplayer because you can play as a Nazi.
I can't support Halo Reach; in some modes, you can play as Elites.
I can't support Killzone 3; in some modes, you can play as helghan soldiers.


At the end of the day, they're just skins on video game models.
Besides, I'd call some of what both sides have done as acts of terror.

jadenkorri3062d ago

some of you make it sound like USA cannot be wrong or would invade another country and kill its people...nah you didn't invade Iraq looking for "Bob", after not finding "Bob", might as well just take their oil while were at it....

Relax, its a game, pointing a gun at a bunch of pixels not gonna make me/you cry. Get over it, if you can't, theirs lots of Germans and Russians who can console you. They have more experience in that area, you know what they do most of the time, ban the game.

jjohan353062d ago

Who cares. The game sucks.

deadman1213062d ago

Need more people like you in this world nevermind N4G.

theKiller3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. grasp some air. haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

9/11 was a plot by US government. 5 facts will be enough to prove that:

1: the 2 towers were falling in a controlled demolition way.

2: the third building were never hit yet before the attack it got on fire and then it was controlled demolition.(for the simple minded kinds in here, to do a controlled demolition for huge buildings it takes long long time, specially if the building had many people working in it)

3: the airplane that suppose went through the pentagon vanished and funnily there was no camara in the gardens to take the scene. so we have no means to prove it ever happened by an airplane. and even more funnier is that the data of 2 trillion USD from american taxes payers where vanished in this attack. who knows in whose hands now, and how he/she/they spend it(2 wars started after).

4: who benefited from these attacks? it was the president of war Bush and the weapon industry leaders which happens to be Zionists also. two innocent countries were invaded and change for the worst for many many years to come. they might never recover in our life time. and millions of lives from women to children to teachers to kind people were killed because of US.

5: one of the saudis who suppose to be dead inside the rubles of the 2 towers (which his passport happens to be found unharmed by the explosion that melted even the black box of the airplanes) still alive in saudi on the 9/11. so to make it easy on the kids, so it was stolen from him some years ago and was use in 9/11.

so who is terrorizing who? and who is the victim here? and who is the one on the right side of the truth? i am not with Al-qaida, they are (at least some of them) CIA agents working to destroy the resistance and the countries. as for Taliban, they did not do any terrorist attacks on innocent civilians, and they didnt invade or attack anybody outside their country.

now after reading what i said tell me if you people still think the same?

PopEmUp3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Totally agree with you man, that why I hate both the media and the American as a whole, no wonder we European hate them or should I say 90% of the world hate the American. But Don't get me wrong I don't support terrorist

P.s. wtf am I talking politic in a gaming site lol

snipermk03062d ago

"I cant support MOH!!"

Boohoooo, cry me a river!

mobijoker3062d ago

Its like WWII.The assassins who tried to kill Hitler are now heroes but they certainly were terrorists in the view of nazis.Besides,israel kills lot more people than al-qaeda will
ever do.At long last,a game has come where you can play as both sides giving you the chance to realize the perspectives of both sides.Because there is no innocent side in a war.

Brewski0073062d ago

Just goes to show how much propaganda has affected the patriotic idiots.
Its a fucking game. You can essentially be an American terrorist in GTA games , but noone gives out about that!. For fuck sake grow up!.

Skizelli3062d ago

And Google is owned by the CIA, right?

I've heard this theory before, but that's all it is. None of it has been proven. And it wasn't just three buildings that were destroyed, there was a total of 7 structures aside from the Twin Towers that were either destroyed or damaged beyond repair, as well as an additional 2 structures that were condemned due to toxic conditions, and a few neighboring buildings that were also damaged but have since been restored. There was nothing controlled about this.

Skizelli3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Bah, wrong reply button.

R0me3062d ago

Let me quote Irvine Final Fantasy 8:

"So like... if you knew that your enemies were pure evil, you'd get more fired up to fight them, right?" (Irvine)
(...An enemy that is pure evil? Right or wrong are not what separate us and our enemies. It's our different standpoints, our perspectives that separate us. Both sides blame one another. There's no good or bad side. Just two sides holding different views.)

Snoogins3062d ago

"One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter."
This quote reigns supreme. It's all about perspectives: perspectives easily twisted and skewed by propaganda. For instance, we can look at our (I'm from the US) soldiers going into Iraq looking for "terrorists" (the existence of which is debatable, though intelligence directed toward Afghanistan instead), where our troops (and PMCs like Blackwater) were fighting people who were cold-blooded terrorists or freedom fighters protecting their home and families against an invading army. We can use Colonial Americans as another example, where we were terrorists in the eyes of the British during the American Revolution, but we are educated to see ourselves as freedom fighters. The way our media makes Israel appear to be our friends, the good guy, and having us believe the Palestineans are the bad, yet the UN calling Israel out for terrible crimes against the Palestineans. So much war, so many terrible things, and all we're given is half-truths or slanted perspectives.

Our perception is our reality and our reality is easily molded by what we read and what we're told. I haven't been to war, seen the atrocities man does to man, so I only know what the media tells me, which is only part of the story as they see fit to show me.

Snoogins3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Let's not forget...
Traces of thermite which was used to destroy the structural foundation of the WTC. Jet fuel DOES NOT BURN HOT ENOUGH to melt the beams used to support the buildings. The architect was interviewed post-9/11 where he said the buildings were built with the idea of an incident such as a plane crash in mind where the building could withstand the impact.

Tiny explosions going off (go watch the videos) before impact.

Eye-witness accounts of employees feeling strong vibrations and hearing explosions going off underneath the building.

Fire fighters on-scene pre-crash saying they heard the sounds of explosions before impact and how the buildings collapsed as if by controlled detonation.

As for the Pentagon: no rubble or traces of the "plane" on site; no impressions on the ground from the crash; experts saying impossible for all traces of a plane to descintegrate. All nearby cameras, including gas stations, confiscated post incident. On-scene, eye-witness reportings of the sound of a rocket, not a plane.

Much of this told to the 9/11 Commission and put on report, but later discarded. People will deny the facts because they would rather trust a government than fear the evils it is capable. This wouldn't be the first time our government has been the instigator of false-flag operations to push an agenda.

elpresador3062d ago and the other dude are an idiot.

First, while jet fuel wont melt steel, the second you expose steel to an open flame it weakes it. All you gotta do is weaken it by a good enough percentage to cause it to not be able to hold a load. Take a spoon for example, then use a lighter and place the flame where the handle meets the head, hte flame is not hot enough to melt the metal but after a minute or two you can then bend the spon at that spot very easy.

As far as the explosions you see as the tower falls, its air escaping dumbass. You see, as each floor collapses on the other, the air has to go somewhere. Do this experiment, place a few shets of paper on a table, then near them drop a heavy book. What do you see? Well, the rush of air escaping from below the book before it hits the table causes the pieces of paper to be blown of the table. Same principle.

What the funniest thing is the ones who think it was an insdie job are mostly retarded idiots that have no knowledge or experitse on anything having to do with jets, buildings, or anything. There is a history channel special on this where they pull out a few things from this dumbass college kids who made a documentary on the subject and they have experts that refute all the claims brought up.

Once again, you dont have to melt steel to weaken it to the point that it can no longer hold a load. When you subject steel beams to a fire near a thousand degrees for like an hour or whatever it is, it will weaken. This is basic chemistry, when metal heats, it expands.

I swear people are idiots.

Gamerbee3062d ago

But you can slaughter innocent people as a russion terrorist in MW2. Hypocrites.

irepbtown3062d ago

Well there are many different reasons why America is in Afghanistan (this is what people think), some think they are there for good, others however think they are there for the oil.

But anyway, Why not play as Al-qaeda? America has had bad history, remember Vietnam. When American soldiers went to a village, raped women then killed them and their children and husbands. Why not play as a Vietnamese soldier who kills americans in lets say, Black Ops. But i'm just making a point that's all.

My opinion is, play a game, like it or not, not take it to the heart.

xxLuckyStrike3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Watching you. Based off of this topic, some of you are now being watched.

Snoogins3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Thank you for the eloquent and well-thought response. Of course I'm being sarcastic as your response showed your lack of reading comprehension and knowledge of 9/11's evidence.

"First, while jet fuel wont melt steel, the second you expose steel to an open flame it weakes it."
True. Maybe. I'm no expert on steel (doubt you are, either), and I'm sure it depends on the temperature of the heat as well as the type and quality of the steel. However, you failed to discuss the evidence of thermite on scene as well as MELTED METAL! Also, the metal, depending on the type, can withstand a specific temperature threshhold before it does become maleable. Your argument fails due to disregarding this.

"As far as the explosions you see as the tower falls, its air escaping dumbass."
Thank you for reading and comprehending my post with the utmost accuracy. Wait a second, I said the explosions happened before initial contact of the plane with the building. So said those who were inside the building as it happened, the witnesses outside the buildings. You know, people who were there.

You also fail to understand the location the planes hit could not cause the buildings to fall as they did, straight down and within seconds of impact. The architect of the towers said he built them to withstand the impact of an airplane crash.

You are free to believe what you want to believe, even though the evidence is glaringly obvious. I'm fine being an educated "idiot". ;)

morganfell3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

"...poor foreigners protecting their land!"

If you really think the Taliban are protecting THEIR homeland in Afghanistan then you need to go back to school.

And popemup, I guess you would prefer to be speaking German, Russian, or Chinese right now. The unthinking are quick to hate America and quickly forget everything this country has done for others. Has U.S. done some things wrong? You bet. But without not only her military might but the seemingly bottomless barrel of monetary funds and gifts many other countries would have been reduced to eating themselves.

You are welcome to take the dumb route and just live on your hate but you would be living in a small minded tunnel vision world.

The BS Police3062d ago

They don't even support the rights that we take for granted, just look how they treat women in the middle east for proof.

ReviewsArePolitics3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Here are debunks of the thermitic material "hypothesis" by a scientist:

Also, where's the evidence of the conspiracy? All they talk about are ignorantly interpeted evidence which makes them sound like pseudo-intellectuals, and funny enough they consider themselves "in the know". They talk about "motives" from the government and other 3rd parties, but no evidence whatsoever. Here's a challenge to all those 9/11 conspiracy theorists:

ReviewsArePolitics3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Damn it, triple post!

Oh well, as proven, there's nothing educated about conspiracy theorists.

Delive3062d ago

Simply because of the relevance. We are currently at war with them now and it is a sensitive topic. But then I read Yi-Long's comment and that all changed. Our soldiers are our heroes. they fight for our freedom. At the same time, they are not the worlds heroes. I felt this when I was enlisted. In Korea, not many looked at me as a hero. Bubbles to Yi.

filfil3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

CIA,FBI etc murdering american christians in USA by burning them alive. women and children included:

gang rapes on women in iraq, and the orders came from CIA and government officials:

Toxic legacy of US assault on Fallujah 'worse than Hiroshima:

weapon of mass destruction used on women and children in Falluja:

Afghanistan bright future:

Wake Up Stop Sleeping:

morganfell3062d ago


A lot of these whiners that are offended by the game have no problem protesting against drilling in certain US locations thus insuring our dependency on foreign oil...that in many cases is used to provide financial support to organizations such as Al Qaeda.

filfil3062d ago

and look at how your soldiers treat women:

and there is more, just search it on youtube. thats the american women case then imagine the iraqi women how they get raped in prisons and in their homes!! also u can find many videos on youtube!!

so al-qaida treat their women which much respect than most american soldiers do for their women!!

evrfighter3062d ago


this guy must have never heard of cs or bf2....

beans3062d ago

Agreed...All the hate is pathetic.

Snoogins3062d ago

I took the time to watch your videos about the "Thermite Conspiracy", which I found insightful and bringing to question a few members involved with the documentation claiming evidence of nano-thermatic substances. The dates and amount of samples of the material do not seem to be match according to the video's author, however, I have not had a chance to review the official document myself for verification. However, I have managed to find a variety of videos to introduce an interesting perspective in the discussion of 9/11 that I encourage you, and those interested, to view.

Niels Harrit Nano-Thermitic Lecture for WTC7 - Official NIST (people officially assigned to investigate) report and information showing contrary data:

Dutch Demolitions Expert for Steel Frame Highrises, Danny Jowenko, Interview:

Larry Bernstein, Owner of WTC7 on PBS Special, "America Rebuilds," Admitting Giving OK to "Pull" WTC7 After Alleged Conversation with Fire Chief:

Video Revealing Bernstein's Insurance Policy, Phone Call Informing of Incoming Attack on Way to Work, Revealed No Conversation with Fire Chief:

Eye-witness Accounts of NYFD at WTC before Collapse, Detonations, Already Bombed Lobby:

WTC7 Survivor Account by Barry Jennings, prior, during, and after the collapse of WTC1 and 2 (Later interviewed by BBC):

I hope you take the time to watch these as I spent awhile gathering these videos for you, which should bring an interesting perspective on these matters.

Theonetheonly3061d ago

the taliban are unorganized, and the us govt cant killem?

i think its a false war with real consequenses to distract the public from the truth.

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TROLL EATER3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

would love to play as the "so called" terrorists side. feel like a freedom fighter. not everyone believes in the rubbish media. if EA go through wiv dese i applaud dem for showing both sides. not just amercans wiv dere hi tech killing men wiv out of date guns. And its just a game

Cueil3063d ago

they are called United States Marines

Weaksauce11383063d ago

You spell like a disgruntled LOL cat

theKiller3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

and usually there is not just 2 sides, in many cases there are many sides!! so it would be even better to wear all the sides glasses!!

but those who cant stand the idea of playing as the enemy(freedom fighters, referring to taliban and iraqi resistance and not Al-Qaida ), are the same as when the enemy cant stand the sight of the evil invaders!!!

so you people should understand very well how taliban feel when they see your white faces with all killing tools man could ever make in front of them in their land and ruling their country to ruins!!

HDgamer3063d ago

Lol both are terrorist and freedom fighters. But anyway you played as a terrorist in MW2, you played it online as a character skin. So why in the hell should you really care? Even destructoid has played a game called RapeLay.

itsralf3063d ago

You don't play as a terrorist in MW2...

ReservoirDog3163062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

You actually do.


Twice actually. Once as a guy undercover which is pretty brutal. And second when you play as Soap. Sure they're corrupt or whatever but the last few levels you're on the side of the terrorist and you're killing americans.

Most people don't click to that though because the story already took a bad turn down unbelievable and you basically stopped caring by then.

Spenok3062d ago

Seriously. This article is ridiculous.

NYPunkster3063d ago ShowReplies(2)
menoyou3063d ago

"Play as the Nazis? I can't support the new wah"

"Play as the communists? I can't support the new wah wah"

Grow some balls.

Consoldtobots3062d ago

especially when "al quaeda" is an invention of US politicians. It literally means "the base" in arabic. In other words it stands for NOTHING. people need to stop being dumb sheep.

XactGamer3063d ago

I agree I'm not too comfortable with ths considering we are still at war.

Sarcasm3063d ago

They don't want to play as a Taliban, but surely don't mind playing as a Nazi in WW2 shooters.

Scary693062d ago

Yep agreed I also agree with Gwave, if you are going to bitch about one game then you shouldn't be playing any other types of shooters. All this guy did was make himself sound like a hypocrite which in fact is all he is end of story.