Can Kinect save the Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 is in trouble.

Despite the brave face put on by Microsoft employees such as Aaron Greenberg as they read their PR scripts, Microsoft’s flagship gaming console has been a weight around the neck of the Entertainment and Devices division since shareholders could shake a fist at them. Billions lost on the original Xbox, recent blunders such as the mishandled Zune, the Xbox 360 hardware fiasco and subsequent billion dollar loss on a warranty program that never addressed the underlying problem, and the most recent victim to be thrown under the bus, the Kin phone, Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices division has been a colossal disappointment to shareholders which recently resulted in the firing of multiple high level execs. But even though the division is responsible for multiple products the primary source of revenue lies with the Xbox 360 gaming platform, and 360 sales have consistently struggled to maintain positive sales growth.

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NAGNEWS3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

maybe, maybe not, who knows.

In my opinion i think you will get bored after few weeks.

Anon19743064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

The question is, will anyone actually get a chance to read this article and consider it's valid points before it's buried under a tonne of "Lame! This is just flamebait! How dare anyone take a serious look at the games industry and cast a factual yet critical eye on Microsoft!" comments?

I encourage everyone to actually read the article, consider what it's saying and the points it raises and then attempt to discuss the matter rationally. There's no reason the forums on every article need to devolve into a 3rd grade playground.

Edit: I see already people who obviously haven't read the article are weighing in. How about commenting on or offering reasons why you disagree with the article instead of simply bashing? What is it you disagree with, and why? Can you refute any of the arguments made, or is there something wrong with the author's logic?

N4PS3G3064d ago

None of the consoles is in trouble right now, neither the PS3, 360 or Wii. All of them are doing great respectively in their stronger areas and will sell like hot cakes this holidays and so on.

PS3 is selling better than ever before and Move will help them improve. Upcoming software is strong and big and price cut will come sooner or later in 2011 likely.

360 is selling better than before and Kinect will broaden the audience. New Slim, Arcade, Reach Console will boost sales and big name titles coming this holidays. Go see the charts, doing great and price cut likely also in 2011.

Wii..doing a bit worse than before but still superior and with upcoming huge titles like: Zelda, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Metroid etc will continue on top.

I don't need to enter in any "deeper" discussion because the fact that you think a console is in "Trouble" ... means you don't know $hit what's going on. None of them are in trouble, the only "trouble" scenario is in your troubled mind.

Strange_Evil3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

Wow N4PS3G, see that was nice, well said and non flaimbait.... So Bubbles for that.. Agree with what you said, all 3 have a huge fanbase, all 3 have good games lined up. So can't we just stop this BS for once.

TotalPS3Fanboy3064d ago

As an unbiased total PS3 fanboy, I agree 100% with the author. Sometimes, I just gotta put on my PS3 fanboy goggle, so I can have an unbiased analysis of the 360 and Microsoft's gaming division without having it tainted by 360 gamers' loyalty for Microsoft.

GWAVE3064d ago

As 4N4PS3G said, no console is in trouble right now.

Yeah, we can all take our sides and say who we think is in decline and who is hitting their stride, but at the end of the day, nobody is leaving the market this week or anything.

Agent-863064d ago

@darkride66, its amazing how you've gotten so many disagrees just for stating the obvious and to just read the article. Its actually a very well thought out and researched article. Fanboys here are truly amazing. Say anything truthful about either console and a flame war breaks out.

RageAgainstTheMShine3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

in fact the day they decided to get 3DV camera Microsoft already started to destroy its Xbox Division.
Xbox 360 is in life support now. It was designed to be a 4-5 year console and now they are trying to depend on an add-on that instead of surpassing the PS3 they went backwards into being a Wii. Very sad indeed. People just can't see it. Now I start to pity and feel sorry at M$ but they brought this upon themselves.

darthv723064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

I read the article and while it was well thought out I am just curious. Is the animosity towards MS and the 360 deliberate or by choice?

Good article though. The negative journalistic vibe is what didnt make sense. Your opinion is noted and respect to you for sharing.

rroded3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

but i doubt that ms is gonna let it go jus like that with all the money they've put into it n the revenue its pulling in. sure their in the red still but after the hardware issue n all the money theyve put into hype its to b expected

im sure they know that they are close to the break even point n its all black after that...

its the same thing sony's doing witht he ps3 take a loss on the hardware make it back when its cheaper ta make n on the software royalties...

sure rrod cost em a fortune n paying for all that hype n 'exclusive' stuff must cost em but the machine is cheaper ta make than sony's n they make lots of cash on live...

FragMnTagM3064d ago

If the 360 was in trouble, wouldn't the RROD issue have finished it off by now? I understand your points and respect them even if I disagree. But this sounds a hell of a lot like the stupid "Sony is doomed" articles that floated around here for a while.

I highly doubt that investors are retarded. They know Reach is right around the corner, and Gears 3. I mean c'mon you would have to be totally retarded to think that Reach and Gears are not going to help the sales of the XBOX.

Also, it has seen steady growth since the redesigned hardware came out. The two Wal-Marts and Gamestop as well as Best Buy and Toys R Us have been sold out of them since it launched around here. The closest one I found after they came in was in some small town 75 miles away from here.

Even if you cannot stand Kinect, it is a no brainer that it is going to sell well. If it is one thing MS does right, it is marketing. Sony has shown some marketing muscle recently but they still have a little ways to go to catch up to MS marketing skill.

How's that for not being a fanboy and discussing my points?

PS: Enjoy your 2nd bubble from me today GWAVE, it is good to see you not acting like a fanboy. Intelligent discussions FTW!

stuna13064d ago

I agree with what you're saying, conversations do tend to devolve in chaos.
OT: This article does bring up sume interesting points, but in realty anyone that knows anything about businesses know that they are divided into divisions that are tasked with handling certain aspects in the company as a whole, but what I'm getting at is those divisions have a certain amount of funds allocated to them. And when one division is under funded usually fat is trimmed from other areas of the company to stabilise the under funded sector. But in microsoft case I think that they have R&D going on in too many divisions that are not meeting the expectations of the company as a whole. Therefore drawing resources from other areas of the company that might not be able to spare them.

iceman063064d ago

I have read it. I have thought about it. I can see some really important points. The first being that the shareholders have NOT been happy for a while with the games division. Sure, the console is selling well and game sell well...but does that recoup the losses that the division has seen from excessive R&D on products that have not met expectations. Billions were spent to get into the industry. More was spent to develop the 360. What about HD DVD? That must have cost some money. Of course the warranty was expensive (estimates are anywhere from 2-3 billion by the time all early gen consoles are addressed). This wasn't addressing the was addressing the health of the console in relation to the business. Sony is in a similar space with the PS3, since they are just now seeing some actual profit from their console after years of losses per console. Both companies have a large cache of money to fight the battles, but the shareholders can't be happy, nor should they, with wasted money and squandered opportunities. Nintendo is lucky to have the gameboy/DS line, because the revenue from that could overcome the beating they took with the Gamecube. Plus, they released a low cost, high reward system with the Wii. Business wise, they are probably in the best spot as we speak. All in all, none of the consoles are in danger. However, because of the global recession and unforeseen difficulties and challenges the business aspects of Sony and MS have taken a hit. It's not a hit that they can't come back from. But, when you are talking about shareholders and money...any hit hurts.

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Natsu X FairyTail3064d ago

xbox will be fine. fable 3 , Gears 3 , Halo Reach are right around the corner. That'll show em!

Imperator3064d ago

Fable III is multiplat and Gears 3 isn't "around the corner", it's more than half a year away. Halo Reach is pretty much all that's coming for the 360. Halo 3 Sold 10 million copies and it's my opinion that anyone who wanted Halo already has a 360 so reach won't be that big of a system seller.

Shadow Flare3064d ago

i heard similar things when halo 3, fable 2 and gears 2 came out. Wasn't Alan Wake supposed to be a massive system seller too? Those games you mentioned won't do squat for hardware sales since fans of those games already have 360's

GusBricker3064d ago

Not all of us have or can afford super rigs to play that stuff.

It's just ridiculous.

Natsu X FairyTail3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )


When Gears2 and halo3 came out Xbox360 had great sales. and was 1st in the hardware sales for several weeks. Yall just mad

kneon3064d ago

But none of these are likely to pull in any significant numbers of new customers, and new customers is what is most important. Kinect has a chance to expand the customer base, but it also has a good chance of failing miserably at that. It could sell 20 million units but if 90+% of that is to existing customers then it's failed at it's primary goal.

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lelo2play3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

"Can Kinect save the Xbox 360?"

Save from what???

The xbox 360 (hardware, software, online, accessories) after the RROD hardware problems... has been doing fine. For a few years now it has been turning a profit to Microsoft (even with the RROD problems)... contrary to other products from the Entertainment and Devices division.

MRJENKINS3064d ago

recent sales figures tells a different story

360Defender3064d ago

Yeah its increasing its lead on the PS3 worldwide... how terrible.

EVILDEAD3603064d ago

How dare anyone take a serious look at the games industry and cast a factual yet critical eye on Microsoft!" comments?

LMAO @ this statement..

Darkride666 is not fooling anyone anymore...

Everyone has a right to be critical of ANY company. The difference is you have chosen one and this is your website to push that agenda.

People don't even have to look at your history to know that you were in EVERY Xbox 360 article repeating your last article (which was repeated on the blog) over and over and over...

You've repeated it ad own a 360 and refuse to get Live..but you put your account out there to show you played all of 3 games..or you'll go the whole I had 8 RROD..either way you never play the system..and barely did

It's ok to prefer the PS3..there are a whole lot of PS3 owners on who do as well. But they arent obsessed by repeating that the 360 sold less each quarter for the last x quarters..

LOL..The funny part was when they did sell STILL mentioned it..

So what we have is another fan blogger who doubled as a troll on the N4G..

The funny part is if someone wrote a blog that said 'Will MOVE save the PS3' you would be all over it..repeating 360 numbers..

On topic..360S + Halo Reach + Kinect'd bundle doing big numbers this holiday..the 360 will have it's best hoiday since it did 6 Million in one quarter.

So while Darkride and the other haters do the 'please don't sell' rain dance..the system will continue to sell


jambabie693064d ago

glad that others can see how darkride really is/ has been on n4g. and the other day i lmao at his "complaint" more like whining over what a mod did and said to him.

whoever that moderator was was 100% dead on when they wrote that to him.

darthv723064d ago

wow, that truly was....evil. and well spoken.

There are a bunch of closet 360 fans just as there are closet ps3 fans. Not sure what these gamers are hiding from but they obviously make their choice to support what system they feel is best.

I was like that when it was just sega and nintendo. While I liked nintendo, it was sega all the way for me. While I like sony, I like the 360 more. It is my choice and I wont ridicule others for their choice and I ask that they respectfully dont do it to me.

I mean, it isnt really that hard to just let someone else have their own point of view. But when their point of view is being thrown in your face at some point you just have to call them on it.

Yes, I play 360 more than ps3 and I like the ps3 more than the wii but I play them all. I support this industry from all sides. Always have since pong.

EVILDEAD3603064d ago

@ Jam..even the mods are talking? hook us up with the link..thx 4 the bubble..and honestly this wasn't about slamming this guy..but like darth said the guy continues to throw rocks from a glass house and pretends real gamers don't notice..

@ darthv72..

Salutes anyone who talks about sega and brings up Pong..I miss when everyone who gamed..just loved to game..but yeah...I own every system..but I loooved Sega back in the day.

I even owned the failed systems plus the add-ons..32X and Sega CD..

he funny thing is I remember when Sony released Playstation..the biggest mags like EGM used to hate on it..because it was trying to compete with Nintendo...

Anyways..I salute the real gamers on the site..because they are the ones that truly keep our hobby alive..


TROLL EATER3064d ago

save? ahah more like put it on steroids. oh wait halo reach is doin dat.

J-Smith3064d ago

no nothing will save the xbox360

PITTBULL833064d ago

That's right because microsoft isn't manufacturing the XBOX 360 anymore, just the XBOX 360S models.


kevnb3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

financially speaking anyway.
and on pc is multiplatform, it isnt that expensive to turn the pc you already have into a gaming machine instead. Might take a bit of reading, or a friend who knows something about hardware, but its viable and not super expensive.

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dizzleK3064d ago

if the 360 is in trouble then the ps3 is on life-support. i'm tired of doom&gloom.

kevnb3064d ago

to be honest the problem is that they share the exact same market and have 95% of the same games. Ive never seen two more identical consoles, one has to change or one console maker has to leave.

Omega43064d ago

360 is fine, it doesn't even need Kinect to be successful. But if Kinect is successful then Wii best watch out......

eagle213064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

Why would Nintendo need to watch out? 31,000,000 lead on Microsoft. Are you saying Kinect would close that gap in a year? LMAO. 2 years? LMAO. Maybe 3?...LMAO. :)

3064d ago
Bigpappy3064d ago

Now Pachter is all analysts. What a tool

3064d ago
jony_dols3064d ago

Most Wii's purchased will never play any other games than the shovelware that it was shipped with it. Xbox and PS3 games give a sizeable percentage of their game sales to MS & Sony. Also MS benefit from Xbox Live while Sony benefits from Blu-ray sales. Nintendo's humongous profitability is the most exaggerated myth of this generation

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ClownBelt3064d ago

The delusion continues...Lmao

mrv3213064d ago

Nintendo are quivering in their trousers made out of gold leaf, they are going to drive home in their Red Morgan cleaned with the tears of children.

SupaGamer3064d ago

It will boost sales in the short run but if it doesn't work well, it could spell trouble for the industry.

table3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

I just wonder, if kinect fails could microsoft actually leave the industry altogether leaving the door open for Sega to return, or possibly Apple. I think when it comes down to it however, microsoft all in all has been positive for the games industry despite me not agreeing with online fees and a lack of game studios.