SDCC 10: Twisted Metal on Story, 3D and PlayStation Move

Didn't get enough of Twisted Metal at E3? Well, Comic-Con has you covered. Twisted Metal overlord and Eat Sleep Play founder David Jaffe led a panel on the upcoming car-combat game and dished details on a whole bunch of Sony stuff.

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gamelova2986d ago

Hmmm, I was hoping there would be more characters to play in the story mode like in Black

Blaze9292986d ago

"gamers will choose to play as Mr. Grim, Dollface or Sweetooth"

wow I agree - that is a bit disappointing. Out of them all, TM: Black was the best Twisted Metal imo and the one I enjoyed the most. This game is seeming like it'll be everything completely to TM Black.

So I'm guessing this is a more multiplayer focused game they are creating here. Nothing wrong with that of course.

Spenok2986d ago

Somehow i doubt this is ALL the characters in the game. Just the ones that have been announced so far.

tomy2986d ago

same here,but when you see that this game in first was designed only for MP you change your mind :)

Apotheosize2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

edit wrong article lol

2986d ago
Playerz82986d ago

Twisted Metal Poll-Agree if Twisted Metal looks good, disagree if you think it looks bad.

Yardie2986d ago

It looks good but doesn't have jaw droppingly beautiful visuals (if graphics is what you're talking about). But it looks incredible (if gameplay is what you're talking about).

sikbeta2986d ago

Pre-Alpha stage pal, TM will be mind-blowing, kick ass old school Gaming with great graphics...

Playerz82986d ago

I was talking about the gameplay (because the game is definitely not beautiful), but I think I like the gritty graphic art style. Fits the game perfectly.

bjornbear2985d ago

for now.

remember, this is the guy who created GOW =P graphics will be there ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.