IGN: Halo: Reach Forge World Video Preview

Forgers, your dreams have come true. Come with IGN for a ride through the new Blood Gulch and take a look at this massive new play space.

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002737d ago

to make my spaceship.

ASSASSYN 36o2737d ago

I plan on making a large flying aircraft carrier with hell-jumper drop chutes, and about 5-6 decks. Plus 3 hangers full of vehicles.

I hope this forge allows that much items cause it is going to be huge.

002737d ago

Apparently you have 10 000 points to spend on the map compared to 1500 on sandbox. much more creative freedom and much easier forge tools people are going to make some wicked stuff.

STICKzophrenic2737d ago

The Halo Community will make some amazing things with Forge 2.0. They made some amazing stuff in Halo 3, and with Bungie making Forge more user friendly and efficient, they will no doubt make some stuff that's jaw dropping and incredibly fun.

September 14th cannot come soon enough!

DarkSpawnClone2737d ago

this look rally great,Cool!.i love these kind of maps lol

jazzking20012737d ago

maybe i will get a 360 now

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