Medal of Honor - SDCC 2010: PC Helmand Valley Gameplay

GameTrailers writes: Hit the Helmand Valley, a desert steppes arena, with the PC version of Medal of Honor and drop a bomb to this gameplay from SDCC 2010.

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3065d ago
CaliGamer3065d ago

At least the maps seem substantial and provide room for multiple play styles. Interesting.

dkgshiz3065d ago

I would try to find another game my friends. This game is nothing more then a COD copy. Which is not good. COD itself is mediocre and boring. So a copy of that is even worse.

finbars753065d ago

Thats what this map looks like?I have tried joining this gameplay map over and over and all that happens is fucking Kabul City.Thats it.Not once have I been able to play Helmand Valley.Literally I picked this map over a 100x and still sends me into kabul city.Fix the beta morons how hard is it to fix a beta?

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