The Crying Game: Quantic Dream's CEOs discuss their new PS3 game

After announcing an exclusive deal with Sony to produce a new, unnamed PS3 title, Develop spoke to Paris based Quantic Dream's CEO's David Cage and Guillaume de Fondamiere to find out more about their approach to games and life as a French games studio...

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ALIEN3945d ago

DAMN! PS3 is getting alot of games.

ShiftyLookingCow3945d ago

ALIEN, wow don't tell me you didn't know about this game, they had a cool ingame trailer back in E3 2006. Remember the whole bit about 'Uncanny Valley'

ps. i couldn't cancel my report, didn't know it was official blog.

TnS3945d ago

Neither I did know that it is an official blog. But still Developmag is the source. And it is still old: July 17, 2007.

THC CELL3945d ago

from a month from now we will be seen a lot of good games

my list is full man

[email protected]3945d ago

hahahahaha. Don't mention it'.

I need to saved a LOT to keep my social life and gaming life equally balance. Christ.

back to Topic:

Another game to PS3 wagon it's good that devs get exciting about the great potencial of the PS3.

ALIEN3945d ago

NO, I didn't know about this game, man! But anyway, what kind of game is going to be? FPS?

timmyp533945d ago

for a emotional game like this. You can get much more actions and such with the character.

timmyp533945d ago

Heavy Rain Looks very kool. The emotion and drama in the story should be very nice. I hope to see more from this game.
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The story is too old to be commented.