id Software Tech 5 Engine Exploration

An interactive look at the Tech 5 engine, manned by John Carmack.

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MK_Red4031d ago

This is one seriously powerfull engine. Hope this one is more succesfull than Doom3 engine and can fight UE3/CryEngine2.

Bordel_19004031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

Is this engine all about textures?

What about animation, lighting, interactive environments, physics?

He only rambles on about how big textures you can have, and that's awesome that you can have an engine that handles that and all the other stuff that artists can du with this engine, but as I said what about all that other stuff I mentioned first?

Rybnik4031d ago

Obviously lighting is not an issue as Tech 5 lighting engine is definitely as amazing as crysis. I mean it looks on par with the pre-rendered motorstorm trailer!!! However, I think you got a good point about physics, animation and environmental intereaction. IF all that exists then, DAMN! This engine could be the most impressive engine yet seen...We will see.