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Crackdown 2 was released two weeks ago and it seems everybody exerted a collective sigh upon playing it, followed by the worlds “I’ve already played this game”. Crackdown 2 is once again set in Pacific City and for people who really liked the original Crackdown, this game would automatically feel similar to the other one. It seems though most of the hate was from non 360 players. They complained that it looked like a last generation game, that it was the exact same ect. The Crackdown games are about one thing and that’s fun and if you really dive into Crackdown 2 you will surely have a lot of it.

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dizzleK3068d ago

one thing i never read in all the complaints about this game is what people wanted ruffian to do differently. don't tell me its too much like the first without suggestions as to what they should have done. the game is exactly what i expected it would be. had they used the gang concept again it really would have been blasted for being too similar.

Greywulf3068d ago

Well in this case, I guess you do.

Dance3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

but its nowhere near bad looking game and most of all it is bloody fun with friends

3068d ago