Medal of Honor Beta: It's Been Done Before

Medal of Honor Beta, if this is what the final product is going to be, gamers are going to be dissapointed. It looks and feels like Call of Duty 4/Modern Warfare 2. The game is coming out right after Call of Duty Black Ops, gamers are going to spending their money elsewhere. EA should have picked a different era to transition MOH too, how about the Civil War? Goozernation wants to know, what's going to make gamers buy this game?

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bgrundman2919d ago

Seems like a reskined BF BC2 to me.

nickjkl2919d ago

thats what im like but everyone else say it looks like mw2 but im not seeing it

Darkstorn2919d ago

It PLAYS like MW2. It's a bit more team based and strategically minded, however.

Blacktric2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

It may "seem" like it from outside but it's not. It's a completely new "multiplayer game" from DICE. It feels like they added experimental things to the game which they didn't choose to use for Bad Company 2. And they work really good if you ask me. I can't say day 1 yet but as soon as I see something about the storyline I might buy the game when it comes out.

ZombieNinjaPanda2919d ago

What experimental things have they added to the beta? I've been playing the beta for some time now, and I have to say, it has not grown on me.

Blaze9292919d ago

the problem this game will face is the fact that different development teams are handling the game. DICE with the multiplayer was a bit of a mistake choice if you ask me. All they do and know how to do is battlefield. So while playing the multiplayer beta, that's the only vibe I got from it - like I was playing a prettier Bad Company game or something. and I'm not a fan of bad company. They even use the same engine for the MP which is different from the SP engine being used.

so as it stands right now the single player is the only thing that will make me possibly get this game. MoH has always delivered authentic experiences and the trailer for the story mode looks like it will be interesting emotionally and from a narrative point of view:

Greywulf2919d ago

MOH will be no different, its a shooter. Of Course its going to do well.

jambabie692919d ago

care to explain that? why is it that the number one selling shooter on ps3 is cod? so how the fuck is it that it's "the 360 fans", seems to me BOTH groups play it/buy it. when moh sells well for the ps3 then what bullshit will you spew then?

shit excuse me, i am responding to greywulf i should know better by now.

HolyOrangeCows2919d ago

If they can fix things like the death lag, I'll think about getting it. The beta is fun, they just need to fix it on a technical level.

TROLL EATER2919d ago

who cares. halo reach will be where peoples money will be spent on.

NYPunkster2919d ago

"gamers are going to spending their money elsewhere"

Really? Am I? Gee thanks for telling me where I'm going to spend my dough.

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kube002919d ago

Yea for me it was COD 4 all over again...

Cole1192919d ago

MoH isn't even half as good as CoD 4.

JimmyJames702919d ago

I got a beta code for this and still haven't redeemed it yet. That says a lot right there.

JsonHenry2919d ago

I played the beta on the PC a while back and thought it was garbage.

2919d ago

amn, he's going to wait for Goozex? Damn...

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