Two Worlds Demo Coming August 21st

Two Worlds is an RPG featuring thrilling fight choreographic, gripping characters and realistic worlds, linking the cinematic story with maximum gaming freedom in a medieval fantasy world. Zuxxez plans to release a 1.3GB demo during the game Convention on August 21st, allowing you to explore a large part of the Northern Antaloor and solve various quests.

Read on to view the games features.

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HeavyweightInTheGame3910d ago

I've been waiting to try this one for quite some time now. Oblivion killer? Probably not but we'll just have to wait and see.

Lakuspakus3910d ago

Me too.
I have been very sceptical if i should buy it or not. I have a weakness for these kind of games tho, so ill probably get it :P

FCOLitsjustagame3910d ago

This game was on my buy list when it was to be released earlier. Now the release date has been pushed back to the same week as Bioshock. Now they say the demo will be that day too. I will be kind of busy playing Bioshock then MoH and Blue Dragon. If this game demo kicks ass then I may pick it up but otherwise it will be relegated to my get later list...when the game storm has subsided.

Killer B3909d ago

Same here - the release date change crushed this game for me. I'll be busy w/ Bioshock. But if the demo and player reviews are good, I'll pick it up later.

0LDSCH00L3910d ago

I thought that Two Worlds was to come out Aug/14?

HeavyweightInTheGame3910d ago

I last heard it was due out on the 27th. I'm pretty sure but not 100%

MACHone3909d ago

I work at a Game Crazy, and we haven't been informed of a date change. It was originally scheduled for the 14th, and assumably still is. Maybe this is one of the demos that just shows up after the games releases, similar to the recent The Darkness demo on the PSN.

warrill3910d ago

I have seen nothing of another delay, but usually microsoft announces, or the publisher anounces that the game has been finished and is ready for production sooo..could be delayed again. I have found that this game inparticular has had a very shakey release date, and none of the game sites can pick one date.

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