Twisted Metal Returns! Eat Sleep Play Speaks Today

PlayStationBlog: If you recall our E3 press conference (of course you do), the new Twisted Metal game owned the trademark showstopping reveal. Soon after, I sat down with Eat Sleep Play’s David Jaffe and Scott Campbell for a candid talk about what bringing Sweet Tooth and company to PS3 will mean for you gamers.

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tomy2738d ago

Epic game for Epic console!!!
bring it on!!!

nickjkl2738d ago

the way the titleof this article is its like it was just announced today

- Ghost of Sparta -2738d ago

After the perfect Black, I hate the thought of Jaffe making a T rated Twisted Metal.

raztad2738d ago

I'm not even a car combat fan but this game looks like is gonna be a total blast. 60fps craziness.

Spenok2738d ago

This game is looking seriously badass.

Blaze9292738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Did he just say "Twisted Metal Black: Extra Twisted Edition"? You work at Playstation dude, epic fail on getting the name wrong.

Gosh I hate Jeff Rubenstein so much.

aaaaaaanywho, David Jaffe still a cursing, drink sipping, badass.

@1:54 - imagine waking up to THAT face.

AridSpider2738d ago

lol if you ever meet Jeff in person you'll know how much of douche that guy can actually be. Talk about being big headed, i mean sheesh.

and lmao at TM Black Extra Twisted Edition. Didn't know that came out.

koehler832738d ago

Extra Twisted Edition is another game: The PS2 port of TM Head-On. It was done by Eat Sleep Play.

Biggunz2738d ago

maybe Jeff had it correct afterall...

CernaML2738d ago

Oh man no kidding... Because of that jackass and his so-called "rules," I almost didn't get to go to E3 after waiting in line for 20 goddamn hours.

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silkrevolver2738d ago

...There’s going to be a campaign as well, right? I love the Warhawk style of multiplayer only... but I really want to dig into the game as Sweet Tooth.

ProA0072738d ago

so is this a downloadable game or retail game at $60? Or will it be both? And does anyone know if this is multiplayer only or will there be a story mode again?

raztad2738d ago

There is a SP campaign.

Strange_Evil2738d ago

Dude if you have ever played TM in your life, then you wouldn't be asking that sort of question.. TM has one of the most twisted and humorous dark single player campaign.. All of it's character have a deep humorous black past and an ending with a guy called Calypso granting wishes....

In fact I will buy it for the single player more as I loved the previous games for that.

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The story is too old to be commented.