Naughty Bear with Scandals in Switzerland because of its trivialization

The most read Swiss Newspaper ''20 minutes'' Expresses Outrage at Naughty Bear.

The Game is not only at the headlines, it's also an ''perfidious camouflaged organization for killing sprees. A kid could easily recognize himself in this game.'' - more through the link.

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germandude2946d ago

haha so cool, but i think PEGI has done the right!

Tailor-DKS2946d ago

today a kid is able to buy call of duty.. where is the problem?

NExaminer2946d ago

My thoughts exactly. In the end, it's just a video game though; I think some people read too much into the overall theme.

Cecker2946d ago

Now the game is interesting :D

lzim2946d ago

but not any more play worthy.

germandude2946d ago

@dks: jep, the publishers are not really interested to the ratings... money is more important than human life!!!!

lzim2946d ago

this isn't fair, it is an issue of business not morals for distributors.

do gun distributors care if their guns are aimed at and fire bullets at innocent civilians?

the game isn't harmful to human life, even if it lakes in good sense and taste, that the game is available to impressionable children through lax ratings and retails who don't care about ratings regardless, is the problem.

Parents are the other half of this problem and aren't yet mentioned as being the pervayors of these mature games to children.

iceman062946d ago

couldn't have said it better myself...but I was gonna try! *LOL*

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The story is too old to be commented.