5 Modern Gaming Clichés

Bitmob: We are all aware of the classic gaming clichés. How many times have we taken out an unsuspecting group of enemies standing too close to an exploding barrel? Can you even count all of the med kits and ammo crates you've gone through over the years? These clichés are so entrenched in our culture that we still see them in modern games.

But several new gaming trends have risen in recent years, and they're well on their way to becoming the next big clichés. These clichés all typically start the same, usually by trying to copy a mechanic from a popular game. But the net result is a feeling of familiarity and a lack of imagination. Here are five of the most prominent new gaming clichés.

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-Alpha3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Making top X lists of something is also pretty cliche :P

Regenerative health probably takes the cake. I'd also add red barrels placed unwittingly (but conveniently) in enemy hideouts (Killzone, Call of Duty, Halo).

Sadie21003067d ago

I'm always in disbelief if I see that (exploding barrels near enemies) today. Like, seriously?

bbretterson3067d ago

All I know is that whenever I see a red barrel on the street, I give it a wide berth...

Blaine3067d ago

I shoot them right away (unless it's a stealth game, then I step lightly). That way I don't have to worry about my environment so much with fear of the enemy blowing up the barrel on me.

eggbert3067d ago

its so amazingly different!!!

Sadie21003067d ago

Haha, yeah, Halo's exploding barrels are blue.

Noobasaurus_REX3067d ago

I was going to say someone had more bubbles than alpha-male, but you just changed your picture...

noobsRus3067d ago

lack of imagination

killed the industry

dirthurts3067d ago

Your statement isn't accurate.
But it certainly has had a dramatic impact on how we game. You can pretty much guess how to play most games just based on it's genre. The industry does need to be more creative.
On the flip side creative games tend to flop these days. In a time when one big flop can shut down a studio, imagination is hard to justify. It's not the developers fault, it's the consumers.

Blaine3067d ago

PSN title? Go crazy! Actually, chances are it'll pay off, because that's what most of us look for in PSN titles-creativity and innovation.

In a multi-million dollar budget blockbuster title? Tread lightly. You definitely need to set your product apart from others, but don't gamble all your budget on an innovative idea, and then go bust on the gameplay and other aspects of development. That's where most of the devs who flopped this gen went wrong. I can think of a few dev studios that closed after a flop, some of them had innovative premises to their games, but none of them had well-polished games and gameplay.

noobsRus3067d ago

aim assist killed shooters on console also

Blaine3067d ago

Thankfully, they don't all have it. MAG has minimal aim-assist (to the point where a lot of players thought there wasn't any, but I felt it), but I'd have been happier with no aim-assist at all.

Just because it's on consoles, with dual-analog, doesn't mean it needs aim-assist. Take out the aim-assist and players will have to adapt, get skilled, and then they'll enjoy the game a LOT more.

But aim-assist is there to help out the noobs. Noob-friendliness is what's killing shooters on console.

dirthurts3067d ago

Is one of my favorite parts of modern gaming. Not all games work well with it, but I like the concept that my life doesn't depend on digging up med kits.
While med kits where great for forcing exploration, there are other ways of emphasizing this which work much better such as agility orbs and collectibles.

Blaine3067d ago

MAG (sorry, I always use this game as example, but I loved it a lot!) required you to equip the Med Kit in your loadout, but then you could pull it out any time you needed it in battle, with some cooldown time.

I think it's a great middle-ground: it's kinda like regenerating-health, because you can use it any time you're in need, but it also has a cooldown and it requires the user to activate it himself. You don't just go hide in a corner and wait for your health to regenerate, you have to use the med-kit.

dirthurts3067d ago

But being a medic is a much better concept that finding med kits. It adds to the gameplay instead of distracting from it.

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