Call of Duty Subscription Likely Coming, Would Attract 5 Million Players, says Analyst

Despite Claims on the Contrary from Activision, Janco Partners' Mike Hickey said today, "We believe management will announce a subscription plan for Call of Duty online, a premium service that automatically drops new maps and items. We expect 4 to 5 million current COD online players would subscribe to the service."

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HydraxFFx2983d ago

Yeah, I don;t think many will subscribe, but theres always those idiots out there that will pay to play multilayer on the games they already bought.

captain-obvious2983d ago

i really hate the word "Analyst"

ClownBelt2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

i really hate the word "subscription"

kalebgray922983d ago

the article should say 10 million console gamers leave after subscription.... pc gamers still playing

Rot_in_Fail2983d ago

I may rent next CoD for single player

GWAVE2983d ago

Good thing I stopped caring about CoD after the first Modern Warfare.

mantisimo2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Is it called "Analyst" because they sit around making "Anal lists"?

Rumor2983d ago

attract $50 million dollars

Shuklar2983d ago

It's an anal cyst that people try to sell off as useful to society, when really it's just a piece of crap...

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psman0122983d ago

Ive already stopped playing CoD in general, so I dont think anyone will all of a sudden be atracted to playing it again because of a subscription... Unless there is some amazing bonus...

otherZinc2983d ago

They'll immediately lose $120's worth of COD:Black Ops purchases.

There is no way in hell I'm paying for a COD game or any other game for that matter.

r1sh122983d ago

yep..there will be stupid people who will pay to play 1 game online.
xbox live psn + good services as it stands.

jadenkorri2983d ago

as soon as they start making money from that, every other game company will do the same. Just look at MS and live, whos copying that, well Sony and PSN plus, so next is Nintendo, they are working on a paid service, details unknown for now, but i heard they are. Online games is going to crappers, and whos gonna pay per month for CODMW2 when they haven't even fixed half the glitches

talltony2983d ago

SO now you got to pay for live and then pay for this? if this happens I can see tons of people switching to ps3 to play cod. However my gut feeling says it will never happen since they make enough money on dlc.

Umbrella Corp2983d ago

Call of Duty Subscription Likely Coming, Would Attract 5 Million dumbasses, says Analyst.

JsonHenry2983d ago

Won't happen. Especially not on the PC.

StbI9902983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Lol I gotta loose lot of bubbles but whatever..

"but theres always those idiots out there that will pay to play multilayer on the games they already bought."

Oh yeah, 25+ of gold users, figure now, what you say fit them perfectly.

Don't and won't pay for live so won't never for this, the day psn goes fee based, the day I stop playing online stuff, nuff said.


As it will instantly fail, then the whole pay to play idea can be put to bed untill next gen.

J-Smith2983d ago

*Would Attract 5 Million gullible idiots*

Sony3602982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

They've not mentioned they're gonna charge for it.

That definitely means they intend to charge for it. Wouldn't put it past them to further rape the online gaming world. It is Activision after all.

If you pay for this you're only supporting more of it to come. Personally I went one further and never bought MW2 to begin with.


They charged more for the game itself and millions of people still bought it despite apparently being "not happy". Don't put it past them, it's quite sad really.

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2983d ago
RyuCloudStrife2983d ago

to me its a fine deal: free to play but pay for premium access for new maps and weapons

its reasonable

skip2mylou2983d ago

hell no that aint. next thing we know all subscribers get guns that kill in one hit

Sony3602982d ago

So basically the sellouts get an unfair advantage. It's such a sneaky sales tactic.

Poseidon2983d ago

people pay for the dumbest stuff

Poseidon2983d ago

and you better not forget!

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