Dead Space to get new animated feature and graphic novel

From Visceral Games today announced at Comic-Con that the Dead Space universe will expand with a new feature and graphic novel: Dead Space Aftermath and Dead Space Salvage

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Monkeyboy3064d ago

As of now the franchise still seems to be safe from Uwe Boll.

SupeerSteebbi3064d ago

More Dead Space = More fun.

SOAD3064d ago

I didn't like Dead Space: Downfall very much. There were some major discrepancies between the animated film and how the events are played out in the game's video diaries.

Also, the protagonist Alyssa Vincent got on my nerves.

Monkeyboy3064d ago

And the game was far creepier than Downfall. Hopefully they do a better job of capturing the tension of the game this time around.