Madden NFL 11 NFC North preview video and screenshots
"For the final week of Madden NFL 11previews from EA Sports we head to the NFC North (aka Norse) division. The conference has a bit of intrigue this year with whether or not Brett Favre returns to the Minnesota Vikings (notice there are no pictures of a Vikings QB for the game), whether or not the Chicago Bears can pick themselves back up and whether or not a young Detroit Lions team led by Georgia's Matthew Stafford can play spoiler. We've got fresh screenshots and video for all four teams."

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HydraxFFx2920d ago

Madden 11? You could have fooled me, they all look the same.

CrAppleton2920d ago

No no no.. see... if you look closely.. you can actually see blades of grass now. That's the difference my friend.

Neco5122920d ago

LOL I thought I noticed something different in the video

CrAppleton2920d ago

Thanks for continuing through all divisions. This is too cool!

Queasy2920d ago

It's funny how Brett Favre's lack of a decision could mess up the Vikings in the game. Or at least require an update.

Neco5122920d ago

LOL, it's absolutely amazing. They need to just tell the guy to eff off while he's still a somebody

Neco5122920d ago

There will be millions waiting at the midnight release even though it's the same game as 10, why don't they just release a core game and then update patches from here on out?

va_bank2920d ago

Because then they can't charge people $60 every year.

e-ray2920d ago

There's actually been big changes to the playcalling interface which should allow for much more playing and a lot less.. ehm... calling.

Chicago85062920d ago

Will win the Division...

Can't wait...
Game on!

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