Killzone 3 Looks Great, Plays Different, Sort Of Adds Yoshi

Steven Totillo, Deputy Editor of Kotaku, writes:

"I got my first hands-on with the PlayStation 3's Killzone 3 this week. Fantastic graphics are a franchise given. I liked how this one plays and how it made me think of Mario's dino...I liked what I played of Killzone 3 and loved what I looked at. If nothing else, I can declare that Killzone 3 has the best-looking rough seas I've ever seen in a first-person shooter. But that can't be enough! No, we would all like it to be a good first-person shooter, right? The game will be out in February 2011. We'll know then."

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Cloudberry3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

The jetpacks I assume.



I was right.

The jetpacks IS Yoshi in Killzone 3.


Nice preview from Kotaku.

FACTUAL evidence3064d ago

the more i can't wait til feb 2011. To think i said i was done with FPS for a while.

moparful993064d ago

"I used the WASP to obliterate enemy tanks. I also used it indoors in close quarters and learned that that is unwise." I LOL'ed so hard, lesson learned do not shoot wasp indoors!

TheGameFoxJTV3063d ago

If it's in MP I'll do it with friendly fire on just to piss both teams off. lol

PS360_373064d ago

Definitely nice preview.

This game will be full of win.

Man I can't wait.

BloodyNapkin3064d ago

Plays different is nice to hear.....

Spenok3063d ago

Thats what i thought when i saw the article title. Its a bit of a stretch if you ask me.

sikbeta3063d ago


I can't wait to play this Beast


avengers19783063d ago

KZ2 was epic, and i still play the multiplayer online, and it's still a ton of fun. I can't wait to get my hands on KZ3, and it's a global release... so from America to Japan we'll be waring it up against those helgan bastards: Feb can't get here soon enough for me.

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Poseidon3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )


Darkstorn3064d ago

It's in reference to the jetpack. It's still a weird analogy, though...

bviperz3064d ago

It's in reference to the how Yoshi is used strategically in Super Mario Brothers.

Convas3064d ago

Yeah, that's all well and good.


SHOW US THE JUNGLES!!! Gahh, I REALLY want to see what a Lush, Alien Jungle looks like in Killzone 3. Hurry it up GG!

MexicanAppleThief3064d ago

Then you'll pretty much spoil the entire game for yourself if you think like that.

Don't you want it to be a surprise?

inception1233064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

i think the jungle has been shown already it is mostly blue and kinda looks like a cave(it is concept art not actual game footage). you can see it a video where hermen hulst talks about the new kz3 additions and environments(it is the video where they show the 2 new leaders on helghan and the 3 new helgan soldiers). it looks like it will be a cool place to fight in and looks nothing like the areas we have seen already in the kz franchise.

BloodyNapkin3064d ago

Well i think you will be disappointed. Lush alien jungle is not the same as say our jungle. It wont be green and full of tree's and stuff.

GeoramA3064d ago

Sounds like they improved EVERYTHING.

Even Rico is useful now :o

BABY-JEDI3064d ago

This just seems like too much of a contradiction to me. Surely GG haven't made the basic mistake of making this guy useful LoL.

the-show-stopper3063d ago

he still cant shoot worth sh*t but instead if u go down he can revive you

Mista T3064d ago

glad they fixed the controls

beavis4play3064d ago

the devs are just making it easier for those who struggled playing the last game.

i don't think they should have done this - i liked the fact that KZ2 was demanding. (and i LOVED the controls) it seperated the men from the boys.

judging from your post - you should drop "mista" from your avatar name.

BABY-JEDI3064d ago

It is important for Killzone to have a bigger Market appeal. Sadly to say the BABIES have won this round. Hopefully the controls won't be arcadey

young juice3063d ago

i didnt struggle to play kz2 and i hated the controls. the fact that you called me a boy when i assure you that i culdve maybe kicked your ass in multiplayer kinda makes you seem.... idk man. just please shutup.

beavis4play3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

1. someone who doesn't have a problem with something usually doesn't hate it.
2. you probably could beat me in MP. i like SP better and i never cared for MP (although i do like free roam in RDR from time to time) - and even if i did (like MP), i don't have time for it. i spend most of my time living in the real world.
3. i don't know if anyone has told you this - but threads like this are where people can post opinions. i don't have to "shut-up".

if you can't take it - maybe you shouldn't be on the site.

young juice3063d ago

1. "usually". and i do have a problem with the controls.
2. "separated the men from the boys" wtf. its a game. why does it have to separate people? why dont you like it that GG is making a game that most people can enjoy?
3. ok, fine you dont have to shut up.

if your gonna be a hypocrite-then your exactly where you belong. n4g's full of'em

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BloodyNapkin3064d ago

Good thing they fixed the lag and the deadzone. Glad they keep the weighty feel also.

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