Penny Arcade becomes obsessed with PS3 Eye of Judgment

Upon seeing this Penny Arcade comic, our own Nick Doerr breathed a sigh of relief saying, "Awesome. I finally feel I'm not the only one strangely interested in the game." You're not alone Nick -- in fact, there's an increasing interest for this unique real and virtual card game. The synergistic qualities of Eye of Judgment give it a strange appeal.

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getupahh3457d ago

cant wait for this game!!

timmyp533457d ago

i think yugioh game creators should hope on the eyetoy and try something too.

AllroundGamer3457d ago

i hope so too, cause i already know the rules for yu-gi-oh and the game is pretty addictive :)

Bnet3433457d ago

I remember when Penny Arcade used to bash the hell out of Sony, now look at the little fools drooling over card games.

s8anicslayer3455d ago

another bunch of aholes on the m$ payroll

RadientFlux3457d ago

Penny Arcade bashes everyone, it's what I like about the comic strip

Bnet3433457d ago

It wasn't part of the comic strip, they bashed Sony because there stupid overpriced gamer pictures are on Xbox Live and MS must be paying them.

Bazookajoe_833457d ago

This will contribute to many ps3´s being sold =)

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