Uncharted 3: five features that would blow our socks off

Since there's no information yet, cynamite has collected their five biggest wishes for Uncharted 3. These features would let Uncharted 3 even top his stunning predecessor.

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Square3065d ago

What a headline - great idea, love the ideas!

Poseidon3065d ago

egypt, do a story about discovering mysteries of the pharoe, pyramids ect..

Rot_in_Fail3065d ago

I doubt they will do one setting for the whole game.

Dee_913065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

cars/bikes/boats and open world for online !! all i want

and more guns

vsr3065d ago

I prefer INDIA. The ONLY country that have 22 different cultures & languages. It would be a BEST FIT for Bluray

Darkstorn3065d ago

The author thinks that Norway is close to the South Pole for god sakes...although I do think Drake going to Scandinavia would be awesome. Free healthcare bitch.

sikbeta3065d ago

You guys don't really need to worry about anything, Naughty Dog will do an Awesome job with the Next Uncharted Game, GOTY all over again...

scofios3065d ago

Then go play gta not uncharted .

Dee_913065d ago

but i want to play uncharted :/

UltraNova3065d ago

It will blow my socks off if they manage to produce equal or above graphical difference from UC2 to UC3 just like UC1 to UC2..

DERKADER3065d ago

I wanna see more AAA PS3 games with co-op campaigns. Not just a co-op on-line game mode.

PopEmUp3065d ago

this time there be more weapon in UC, cause in online there so less weapons, all I do is shoot with the ak47, mp4, fal I want more selection in the weapon

hatchimatchi3065d ago

i'd like to see better puzzles, melee, and better platforming.

The puzzles in uncharted are clever but they're too easy and few and far inbetween. The melee combat looks awesome but it's too cinematic and doesn't feel like you're really controlling the fight. The platforming was waaaay better in Drakes Fortune and I'd like to see more of that in Uncharted 3. The thing I want changed the most though is the combat itself.

Take Cover, SHoot enemy, repeat. That got soooo old for me, I don't know what they could do, more platforming? But I really hope the 3rd uncharted goes in a completely different direction than uncharted 2.

Bloodraid3064d ago

I'd rather they did the game on something like Atlantis. That'd be pretty badass, I must say.

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SasanovaS19873065d ago

i was thinking sahara desert...he goes to investigate the huge desert, because its said there is a huge secret that will change mankind as it is today...he goes, only to find out that the huge sand storms that cover miles upon miles of the sahara desert is just a dusty cover for the huge alien spaceships to go on and off the planet undetected...turns out, aliens are secretly gathering information on humans, and stealing our resources by draining the planets life, and drake has to stop them!!!

MexicanAppleThief3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

No aliens. Seriously.

But the Sahara setting would be f**king great

nickjkl3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

exactly whats in the sahara dessert sand and cactus not exactly the most interesting place to battle at

im still going with th eunderwater city of atlantis

freediro3065d ago

What is there to do in a lost city under water, swim around?

Hotel_Moscow3065d ago

you mean the hi tech future city that simulates every kinda landscape in the world along with other scientific research such as zoos planetariums etc

BABY-JEDI3065d ago

Especially if Drake has limited supplies as in weapons & water. Must seek shelter where possible & is being hunted & chased to his destination. Also Camel chases would be pretty funny & cool (it doesn't always have to be hi-tech) also use of a compass would be good in reference to a map & site markings (classic adventuring)
Bring on the Camels LoL

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gunnerforlife3065d ago

can some1 tell me what the guy was writing:/
cuz i got nothing what he was saying :/

DigitalAnalog3065d ago

Lost continent of Mu, Tower of Babel, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Flying island of Laputa....


What else?

-End statement

CryofSilence3065d ago

I think the game should go to the Middle East for the next installment, though I absolutely loved the Tibetan/Nepali setting. There's so much lost architecture in the M.E.. Besides, it would be amazing to go through Assyrian, Babylonian, and Sumerian architecture. That world has so many secrets still. A side-trip to Cairo, the valley of death, and the tomb of kings of Egypt would be welcome. ;)

SlyGuy3065d ago

...except for "harder head nuts" (according to the translation). LOL.

Harder puzzles are welcome though.

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Dylantalon13065d ago

As long as uncharted 3 is a ps3 exclusive then it'll be amazing.

Hellsvacancy3065d ago

Of course its gonna b a PS3 exclusive Sony owns the game rights *sigh*

joypads3065d ago

lol actually Sony owns NaughtyDog. ;)

Spenok3065d ago


and @ Rot_in-Fail, they always have, they always will. ^^

J-Smith3065d ago

sony owns me to LoL & i don't mind

Cloudberry3065d ago

And I don't know if Naughty Dog would implement it / they would even read what I write but...

I'm playing Peace Walker right now and...

Somehow I wanted future Uncharted titles to be more like Metal Gear Solid series, but in contents wise.

I love the long Codec conversations, character backgrounds, secrets, easter-eggs, etc, in MGS series and discovering all of them.

As for Uncharted 2 it self it's an amazing game, in my opinion, the game-play of U2 is an action-adventure-3rd person shooter-platforming.

I thought maybe it would be cool for Uncharted 3 would have similar contents in close of that Metal Gear Solid series.

inception1233065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

ND tells stories better then any other dev and shouldn't add anything from other games in that department. codec messages wouldn't even fit in with the uc world having the characters talk during gameplay is a better way of having those conversations. also their are lots of secets and easter eggs in uc2 like the strange relic(reference to jak an daxter) and hotel el dorado(reference to the first game). character back stories i wouldn't mind having as something to unlock but i would rather they have episodic dlc that tells those stories like how drake met sully, chloe and flynn.

Convas3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

In Uncharted 3, an unwitting archeologist unearths an ancient curse, resurrecting a whole boat load of Mummies (Zombies). According the *Insert Generic Prophecy Here* the Cannibalistic horde can only be stopped by "The Chosen One". Cue adventure music. Drake steps in and says, "It's time for another adventure".

Aaaaaand CUT.

I would really like to see something revolving around Egypt. They do have a rich culture, and their Lore is almost endless. There are so many stories ND could tell.

PS360_373065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

I just feel like they shouldn't include a supernatural element in 3. IT was like clockwork in the first 2 games. I didn't mind it, but if they do it a 3rd time i think it will be 1 too many.

CryofSilence3065d ago

Er... What about the Nazi zombies of the first one?

PS360_373065d ago

That's what I am saying.. it was done in the first 2, they should go a different route for the 3rd.

smashman983065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

if it werent for the supernatrual then uncharted would have no point

let me explain before i get bashed------
drakes fortune:
Im gonna find el dorado
midgame: i wanna quit now
with supernatrual: but drake u cant stop itll give him the power to rule the world
game continues
w/o supernatrual: yea this valuable treasure just isnt worth my life...
game ends

among thieves:
Im gonna find the chinitimatti stone
midgame: that russian guy is insane screw it lets go home
with supernatrual: but draaaake hell take over the world
game continues
w/o supernatrual: another unsuccessfull treasure hunt whatever lets go home... again
Mw2 or assassins creed 2 then takes home goty and game ends

thats why supernatrual is good :D

DigitalRaptor3065d ago

That sounds too much like The Mummy. But it would be awesome nontheless.

GiantJedi3065d ago

Uncharted 3 = Best sand in any video game! lol

hikayu3065d ago

Sounds like something N. Night shamalayn ( or however his named is spell ) should do . After all , scifi adventure is his type of thing . But for a game , it's way too generic . There's like thousands of them already .

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Alos883065d ago

Assuming this is the last game in the series (I sure hope not though) it would be nice for there to be multiple endings. Not based on morality or anything, but rather who you chose to save at the end (with a incredibly difficult option to save everyone on Crushing mode)