5 reasons why playing Kinect can be embarassing

Gestures and Movements for Kinect could be totally embarassing how Videogameszone shows.

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MorganX3065d ago

This bit of news is embarassing.

Blacktric3064d ago

Wait a second. What's with the thumbnail? Is that what I think it is? Someone standing in front of some other one's crotch?

PopEmUp3064d ago

that right that exactly what you think it is, a Blow job lol

Rot_in_Fail3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

what is wrong with this website, why people post bull...t like this?
how is this news? how is this funny? how is this anything but stupid?

now I really feel like logging out

Aquanox3064d ago

The most important ones could be:

1. You have no personality.
2. You look ugly doing so.

Fortunately I don't suffer from any of them :p

ASSASSYN 36o3065d ago

The kinect smear campaign has entered full retarded.

Alos883064d ago

Didn't the article writer watch Tropic Thunder? You NEVER go full retard!

Blacktric3064d ago

You ma-ma-ma...-ma make me... haappyy!

Man In Black3064d ago

In the trailer, it was "you make my pee-pee maker tingle."

Redrum0593064d ago

d-d-d-dont h-hurt m-m-mmeee

Convas3065d ago

Yeah, this is totally unnecessary. And why the hell did you use that Thumbnail?

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-MD-3064d ago

N4G is starting to suck really bad.

claterz3064d ago

N4G has sucked since they removed the open zone for no reason.

Chris3993064d ago

since the death of the Open Zone.

Kinect aside, I also find the endless "5/10 reasons" articles particularly cringe-worthy.

Ghost-Face3064d ago

I couldn't agree more, I use to love coming on here to read peoples opinions on interesting topics without hearing the garbage fanboyz spew... The gamers zone was a God sent in that regards, but now there's simply too much crap to sort through and it's becoming a chore just to find rational and thoughtful comments.

This site has fallen very far since they got rid of the open zone, they really need to bring it back and stop letting fanboyz ruining it for everyone else with their derailing/topic killing comments.

Sorry about the rant, I just needed to get that off my chest.

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The story is too old to be commented.