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jay23040d ago

OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 16/11/10 sounds so nice, but if it'd been 16/12/10 that would have been cool (going down in 2's I mean).

Cloudberry3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

16th November 2010!?!?!?

Gran Turismo 5 is 2nd November 2010!?!?!?




Nice Ratchet & Clank sackboys + Gonzo too!

Poseidon3040d ago

im selling my blood at the bloodbank a week before these games come out.

zootang3040d ago

I can't wait for the new soundtrack!

captain-obvious3040d ago

im already saving up for Novemeber
too much things to get


Im really contemplating selling my XBOX then buying MOVE, GT5 and LBP2.

D4RkNIKON3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

Poseidon - lol I will be selling blood too.

zootang - good point, I loved the soundtrack in the last game.

This one adds so much more of a competitive aspect to the multiplayer, it sort of reminds me of the mini games in Mario party. Using the Move controller will help in create mode for sure. Creating was more fun to me in LBP than playing user generated levels most of the time but with all of the competition in LBP2 I am not sure what to like more. Did I mention I can't wait for this game?

sikbeta3040d ago

I have the Money waiting for Both Games, WOW! November will be THE Month for PS3 Gamers

Biggest3040d ago

That Limited Edition is beast. Who knew Little Big Planet, a game my 8 year old loves, would matter this much to me as well. And to make it worse, I bet he would feel less-loved if I only bought one LE. "Where's my avatars, DAD!?""

rockleex3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

So you're telling me the Collector's Edition will cost only $10 more than the regular one?

And you get ALL THAT?!?!?? @[email protected]


Plus, this Tron outfit looks like win!

will113039d ago

GT5 November 2nd.
COD: Black Ops November 9th.
LBP2 November 16th... i'm gonna be broke

Spenok3039d ago

So true, i just may go with poseidons answer for your problem. Or you could just go to a sperm bank many times. xD

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MariaHelFutura3040d ago

Novemeber is offically the best month in gaming history.

Poseidon3040d ago

do it ;). you will not regret it man.

jay23040d ago

Woho and a collecters ED, count me in!

3040d ago
Christopher3040d ago

Finally, a CE that doesn't force me to choose between one exclusive deal or another.

Davoh3040d ago

I really wish there will be a CE for the UK, it looks so darn beautiful =(

Christopher3040d ago

They said information on that would be forthcoming in the comments section. I'm fairly certain at least the UK will get a very very nice CE.

psman0123040d ago

This sounds amazing... holy crap!

I want to get it so bad! But being 15 and all... GT5 AND LBP2 might just be too much in a month... so this summer I will work my hardest to afford both lol

0mega43040d ago

will defiantly be picking up the Collectors Edition Along with Move to enjoy LBP2 to the fullest

J-Smith3040d ago

can't wait, i LOVE LBP

vhero3039d ago

this is my GOTY personally as there is no game I am more excited about. I mean it won't ever get boring the power to create any other type of game..

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theonlylolking3040d ago

This game will be the best create game ever.

D4RkNIKON3040d ago

There is nothing to compare it with. It's pretty epic!

And just look at those DLC characters! Gonzo FTMFW!

zootang3040d ago


Sesame Street is just the bee's. I can't freakin wait!

zootang3040d ago


Thanks for letting me know. I get confused with all the greatness that is Jim Henson

Terarmzar3040d ago

I think im gonna pick this one up i never bought the first but have played it

cobraagent3040d ago

Why MM??? GT5 comes out two weeks earlier... I am afraid i won't buy LBP2 until 2011 :(

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MariaHelFutura3040d ago

What the hell are you talking about?

Besides ME2 (which I`m playing right now, it`s fantastic) the 360s years has been all multiplats which are on the PS3 too. Since GOW3, I`ve played 3D dot Heroes, Joe Danger, a bunch of of JRPGs, a bunch of multiplats and so on.

BTW, I`m buying both GT5 and LBP2 and you sound like you`re trying way to hard.

Poseidon3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

i hear you, i had a job handed to me for 15 bucks an hour but it was 60 miles away and i have no car, and the bus does not run that far, so themart gtfo!

PopEmUp3039d ago

Ps3 owner have a life, not like you looser always staying on your computer 24/7 lol

MajestieBeast3040d ago

I just saw the sackboy plushie well Sony you just got a preorder for the limited edition if you bring it to europe pls do.

mac_sparrow3040d ago

Sony sent me a free plushie very like that one when i signed up to LBP's youtube. Ah, was a nice surprise to get in the post that.

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