Yoshinori Ono To Reveal More Than One Title At Comic-Con

Yoshinori Ono has been busy on his Twitter account hinting he has more announcements for Comic-Con tomorrow night rather than just the confirmed one.

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Fyzzu2985d ago

Super Street Fighter IV.

barom2985d ago

Lol, for some reason I read "Yoko Ono" instead of "Yoshinori Ono". That would've been... weird

RockmanII72985d ago

He also helped make Lost Planet and Devil May Cry

Djorgo2985d ago

Comicon is a cool place to announce games imho. :)

Spenok2984d ago

Fits with the crowd very well.

jay22985d ago

I'd love a Nanco VS Capcom, but only in 3D, not these 2D SF jokes that looks like they should be downloadable games.

darkcharizard2985d ago

Whatever he does, i really hope he announces a new fighter for Wii. PS360 have SFIV, SSIV & MvsC3. Wii only has TvC :(( A new street fighter would be awesome!

GodHandDee2985d ago

about Nanco vs Capcom

but Namco vs. Capcom would be good

:P I kid I kid

FiftyFourPointTwo2985d ago

1. SSFIV arcade characters.
2. Rumored Street Fighter X Tekken (NvC/CvN) game or DarkStalkers 4.

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