Eurogamer Preview: GoldenEye 007

Eurogamer: "GoldenEye is shaping up to be a comprehensive package, then. With online support and a range of control options, the biggest hurdle Activision's latest faces isn't the platform, so much as the fact the appeal of the original is so tangled up with nostalgia. Activision's well aware of that, just as it's aware it's not something you can simply tweak in the engine - unless there's a slider for rose-tinted viewing.

While it's too early to tell whether that name is a blessing or a curse, one thing's for sure. Memories of Rare's game will certainly keep this new instalment on people's radars, but it's ultimately up to Activision to make certain that people keep it in the disc drive of their Wiis too.
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Jerk1203067d ago

Looks good for a Ps3 game.

NeutralGamer3067d ago

WTF are you talking bout?
Its a Wii game...

CrimsonSaber3067d ago

He was being sarcatic , dissing the ps3 bandwagon. glad to see he got to you. anyway its a shame that its wii exclusive. I am dissing you kotick and your horrible band of demons that consist of Suckavision. I just goes to show you how evil Nintendo can be as well. And how lazy slutsavision are. Make a horrible looking WII version. AND A UPGRADE FOR THE XBOX AND PS3