PS3node: Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge Review

Monkey Island 2 remains a triumph in adventure gameplay and storytelling, and this Special Edition does nothing but improve the experience.

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Jerk1202920d ago

Older than every Ps3 fanboy on this website.

dj555555552920d ago

I have the orignial two on my amiga, still have the amiga power mags with the reviews and I'm a PS3 fan boy, so jog on.

mrv3212920d ago

Erm... yeah sure what ever... I just don't know if your genuine. If you aren't then why... but if you are I worry about the the future of the human race.

dj555555552920d ago

I was 9 when the game came out my dad kept old computer mags, so why is this a worry for the future of the human race?

coolfool2920d ago

I think he was talking about the original poster....

I was 8 when this came out. I remember getting it and having an absolute blast on it.

Brewski0072920d ago

A timeless classic. Gotta play it in the old school mode for full effect though. Not a fan of the new design but that might be just me. Love monkey island :)