Tomonubu breast qualified for titillating 'half assed' criticism

Admittedly, the relevance of this clip is negligible considering that Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 hit shelves at the close of 2006. However, GamerSquad thought it somewhat poignant considering the recent slamming of Heavenly Sword by Dead or Alive creator Itagaki Tomonobu, who recently labelled the eagerly anticipated PS3 exclusive as being "half-assed."

Point being? Well, with predominantly poor critical reviews for Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 (GameSpot – 59%, IGN – 64%), perhaps the Team Ninja boss should curb his scathing criticisms while reflecting on this overtly desperate piece of flagrantly 'half assed' and sexist marketing for a game built on tantalising the easily titillated pre-pubescent school boy demographic.

Clearly Tomonubu has never heard it's not the breast idea to throw semi-naked stones in glass houses.

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hotshot12373941d ago

funny how gaming industrys are really changing now. into some serious arguments

Azures3941d ago

Dizam, somebody call the hospital.

persian_prince3941d ago

I agree with this, with a dirty mind like mine, i found the title of this article amusing... : /

FordGTGuy3941d ago

Ninja Gaiden - 92 average
Ninja Gaiden Black - 93.9 average

Azures3941d ago

The point is he has made bad games, and he's trying to take shots at a game that he hasn't played calling it bad. He's being an idiot and a hypocrite. For all the good he's done with the Ninja Gaiden games, he's done way bad with all those gratuitous DOA breast games.

I'll take my porn and gaming separately thank you.

Hatchetforce3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

So what? He is a one hit wonder. That hardly qualifies him as a genre expert. Go ahead and reply. Between this thread and the previous one concerning his idiotic remarks you and your worthless defense of him qualifies you for Itagaki altar boy.

Listing NG and NG Black is ridiculous. It is like saying "
Our company has had two bestsellers" when one is a GOTY edition.

NG is a good game with bugs, NG Black is the SAME good game with some bugs squashed. It still gets the award for best game with worst camera.

ShiftyLookingCow3941d ago

yeah freakish physics it is, here is a funny quote from IGN review:

"Oh, and with new freakish boob physics. Watching boobs bouncing about independent of one another made me seasick. Instead of creating a game that makes me horny, Team Ninja has created a sequel that makes me vomit. Brilliant."

Azures3941d ago

The breast physics on Rachel in NGS is just out of control.

ShiftyLookingCow3941d ago

and her breast size for her face seems odd. hehe I wonder how good Euphoria Natural Motion is at breast physics

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The story is too old to be commented.