All ten 'Jordan Challenges' for NBA 2K11
"We reported yesterday on the new 'Jordan Challenges' mode for NBA 2K11 and how it would let you go back and re-live some of Michael Jordan's greatest moments in the NBA. Now 2K Sports has released the full list of all ten challenges that will be available in the game when it is released this October for the PC, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS and PSP."

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Queasy2887d ago

And I think I watched about 7 of those....

CrAppleton2887d ago

nice, I'm not sure why Jordan is the sh!t all the sudden.. but it's still cool

Queasy2887d ago

I don't believe Jordan has ever stopped being the sh!t. LOL

Biggest2887d ago

LOL! Who is this guy? When Jordan is done being the shit, the world will have already ended.

George Sears2886d ago

Jeez how old are you dude? Have you ever watched the great Mike play ball? Watch a YouTube video of his dunks at least.

Kids nowadays.

Neco5122887d ago

Does anyone really want to re-live these old games?

Queasy2887d ago

For me, it's not so much about re-living as it is winning the challenges.

Jerk1202887d ago

Why do I get the feeling these guys are the same dude on multiple accounts?

Poseidon2887d ago

cause you have multiple accounts

Armyntt2887d ago

I wonder if there is a button to travel and double dribble like Mike too.

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