Xbox 360 Lifetime Sales Reach 42 Million

Microsoft just officially announced that their current generation home console, the Xbox 360, has now sold 41.7 million units.

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Shubhankar3067d ago

It certainly is. And the Xbox 360 desevres all the credit it is getting.

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nickjkl3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

the Xbox 360, has now sold 41.7 million units.

Xbox 360 Lifetime Sales Reach 42 Million

how the hell did that happen

so they sold on average 666,666 units a month since april 23 2010

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PS360_373067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )


so you wouldn't count the PS3 slims replacements then on total PS3 sales...?

Troll harder

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Christopher3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

I wouldn't say that the 360 deserves all the credit so much as XBL. I think the hardware has been some of the worst out there for gaming.

But, I do see that 4.5 million distance between the PS3 and 360 going right back up to 6 million by November. Sony really does need to plan for this Holiday season.

nickjkl3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )


november second gran turismo 5

and if they do a price cut

i mean come on the ps3 has been keeping up with the 360 in terms of sells even after microsoft launched the xbox 360 250 gig and before then it was ahead of the 360

not to mention the ps3 sales are from three months ago and 360s sales are from this week

i still see sony achieving there 15 million console sales this year

PS360_373067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )


September 14th: Halo: Reach

Both reach and GT5 will sell a ton but in my uneducated opinion, people who are or were going to buy the PS3 slim mostly already have. Even if GT5 comes bundled with the PS3 slim, I think that most people will be buying the stand alone game because they already have the PS3 slim.

Again, in my uneducated opinion, MS has done a good job by releasing Reach not to long after the 360S release, giving a lot of people a reason to pick up Reach bundled with the new 360.

I own both a fat PS3 and an old 360 and I am chomping at the bit to get the new 360S for obvious hardware reasons. ON the other hand, I am very confident in my launch PS3 and feel a lot less of a necessity to upgrade to the slim.

That's just my 2 cents.

With that said, I am looking forward to both GT5 and Reach.

Edit: I really think it will be while before they cut the PS3 slim price. Didn't they just announce that they were making a profit?

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tinybigman3067d ago

Some credit for achieving 40 million units, but I wanna see them duplicate it with their 3rd system. I don't give full credit for one offs, we all know nintendo has done this 3x in their history with home consoles, and sony is about to do it for the 3rd time too in theirs.

I measure full success of game companies when they've achieve their goals on more then one occasion.

Anywhere good for M$ now maybe they can use some money to create 1st, 2nd pty studios, or purchase some talent.

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vhero3067d ago

I love how sales are important to 360 fanboys when numbers like this come out yeat week in. week out when Sony beats MS in sales worldwide the fanboys all of a sudden change their tune and are either not around, pretend US is the only place on earth or that sales are not important. Back on topic though MS has done good this generation and although they probably won't beat Sony in the long run they have made their mark on the gaming world and they will forever go down in history for that and it will help them in future endeavours. So well done MS you deserve a pat on the back even if you did buy your way into the gaming world.

commodore643067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

yeah hmmm vhero, are you thinking straight?

When we stop to consider the cost of ps3 to SOny thus far, at $5 billion lost, we need to acknowledge that it is in fact SOny that did "buy itself into the gaming world"

In fact, the loss of $5 billion means that Sony bought its way into consumer's homes via the ps3 at a cost of $140 per console.

Think about that.

Sony has made zero money on the ps3.
Instead they made a loss on every ps3 in every home, just to be a part of this gen.

Again, think about it.

Sony literally spent $140 of their shareholder's and creditor's money for the privilege of having their console in your home.

Don't reply.
Just think about it.

Did Sony buy their way into the gaming world this gen?

corneliuscrust3067d ago

We all got some BEASTLY powerful hardware at a great price :)

But I agree, Sony really did seem to buy their way into the market this gen

lh_swe3067d ago

You may be right but I don't beleive it's anywhere near 5 billion, I'll need some evidence to back up that claim but IT DOESN'T MATTER as if it were the case that they had suffered such a monumental loss their work to save it are outstanding wheras where do you place your darling 360 when they as you've said churned out record numbers this year...and whats your point with all this?

I think your point is and has always been to be a thorn in peoples backsides, out of all these companies and their multitude of big mistakes you always seem to land on Sony and more specifically the PS3 so no matter how much you try to weave you fanboyism into nice little fact sheets, the fact remains that you sir are a troll.

ukilnme3067d ago

@ vhero

I wish you $ony fanboys would make up your minds on sales too. All of you flip flop about sales. Sales do matter when the PS3 is ahead.. oh wait, no they don't now because M$ won this month. Same goes for the M$ fanboys. Play games, not sales.

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mrv3213067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Except for the fact it's behind the


in lifetime sales all of which are still being sold... but as side from that it is Champion.

Yeah it is but Sony aren't complaining with the PS2 and PSP selling 200 million units. Where's the Kin on the list... more people have bought a piece of the moon than the Kin, I'm not even kidding.

Oh yeah... that's right I forgot you play sales. I play games.

I'm sorry I don't remember taking you Jaded, stupid opinions seriously... of that's right I don't. Oh nooo you said something negative about me let me file this under not an issue.

Oh look a gamer talking about games on NEWS FOR GAMERS... call the police.

Aw did I upset the trolly wolly? I'm going to be nice and give you a bubble.. the red one with the minus symbol right?

Jerk1203067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Hey, lol, where is the Ps3 on that list? Behind the 360?

Oh, I'm sorry, dumb ass. I didn't realize this was an article about games. Oh wait, it's not.

Get out.

This very article and its discussions are about sales. I'm telling you to get out because obviously the fact that you don't give a shit about sales raises the question as to why the fuck you're here in the first place.

I presented the fact that the Ps3 is behind the Xbox360 in sales (relevant fact) and you then went on a tangent about how ''OMG I PLAEY GAEMZ NOT SAELZ''. Like that even contributes to our discussion.

RELAX3067d ago

bravo xbox360
and more bravo xbox360 slim , love this consol.

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