Twisted Metal was only for PSN, just the "bread and butter core"

The all-new Twisted Metal coming to PS3 from Eat, Sleep, Play's David Jaffe and team originally started "as a PSN title." Sony wanted more.

Thanks to Sony giving the nudge to Jaffe, the studio came up with a "drastic, dramatic change" in concept. It's got a 'Fast and the Furious' vibe.

"Well, it started out as a PSN title. It started out as a very small version of Twisted Metal that was not just for the hardcore fans, but it really was like, "Let's just do traditional Twisted Metal, but let's put it on the PSN network," revealed creator Jaffe.

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-MD-3006d ago

Jaffe told us this like a year ago. Multiple times.

socomnick3006d ago ShowReplies(1)
Spenok3005d ago

Unfortunatly that seems to be happening with N4G a lot lately.

Jake3603006d ago

never played a twisted metal game, and that's with owning a PS1 and PS2. I think i've missed a trick here.

sikbeta3006d ago

You missed a lot pal... TM games Rules...

Commander_TK3006d ago

I don´t think u have one of them either judging from your fanboy comments

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comp_ali3006d ago

but we figured we better charge for the full price.

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