Three new Halo: Reach multiplayer maps apparently leak early

Trio of previously unseen Halo: Reach maps leaked in new preview

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wwm0nkey3067d ago

New Ivory Tower is pretty damn sexy :D

TheLeprachaun3067d ago

I loved Ivory Tower, really glad to see it coming back. Midship was alright I suppose but I would have rathered a Sidewinder remake.

SixZeroFour3066d ago

i have a feeling every halo maps (from ce-3) will be in reach possibly from launch

cause in the forge world vidoc i saw...blood gulch, ascension, warlock, and lockout and those were from what i noticed (and not at first glance either)...there are prolly more in there that were from previous halo maps, i just didnt recognize it cause i havent played on them in a long time

along with these maps, that would make about 5 remade maps so far (that one isnt actually midship, but with forge, im sure it wouldnt be too hard) WITH the halo reach campaign/multiplayer maps

Bnet3433066d ago

Ivory Tower was one of the best maps in Halo 2 next to Lockout. Glad it's coming back.

TROLL EATER3066d ago

halo always best multiplayer maps

CrimsonSaber3067d ago

I must say even with these drooling screen shots . i wasnt impressed by the levels in the beta. I hope that bungie or even certain affinty could re introduce all the maps and truly make H:R go out with a bang. i mean like 70 maps from every halo game. OMG but its only my dream. im straight up digging coag back into the works . and im loving what you can do to with those big ass maps.

CrimsonSaber3067d ago

i think id like to see the big water works map from h1

3067d ago
yepitsme3067d ago

Wow those maps look hot! Starting to get pretty excited for Reach.

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The story is too old to be commented.