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thereapersson3066d ago

Like a cross between Uncharted and Ninja Gaiden. Though there was something that sort of rubbed on me in an odd way. The animations look too quick and jerky. I mean, the actual animations themselves look fine, but the way they are strung together looks way too fast. Is the game play video sped up slightly or something?

That said, I look forward to playing a demo of this game. I hope it turns out to be more than just a run-of-the-mill platforming beat 'em up.

RonRico3065d ago

I'm just not drawn to the actual style of the game.The main character looks really lame.

Duke Spookem3066d ago

Looks like a mediocre game.

Kingdom Come3066d ago

And I know your opinion is useless.

timmyrulz3066d ago

How odd, when I see a person with a single bubble i think "x360 fan" ...

Quagmire3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

you only find it lame coz there is no buggy/glitchy FPS multiplayer mode attached to it.

Personally, i like it. Its got that Uncharted/Prince Of persia feel to it, with some Jak aspects to it.

I also loved Heavenly Sword, so this is day 1 for me.

AlienFodder3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Yeah, it's not another one of those generic FPS's so it must be crap...

/sarcasm. *rolls eyes*

Silly gameAr3066d ago

Game looks insane. It's a quite looker too.

Silly gameAr3066d ago

lol @ that ass backwards comment. Man I wish I could just have 1 more hour of sleep.

AlienFodder3066d ago

LOL! One big bubble for you! :D

RonRico3065d ago

Nothing wrong with a "quite looker". Sounds like an Irish expression.

xYLeinen3066d ago

The platforming seems quite polished and smooth with good animations which is important for me.

Poseidon3066d ago

im a little less excited than i was before.

Kingdom Come3066d ago

If anything this trailer has shown me the true potential of the title.

StbI9903065d ago

I would ten damn fold better get a heavenly sword 2 than that...but welcome ninja theory and its new project...just give us the holy sequel.

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The story is too old to be commented.