Maybe Peter can tEAch them

EA is shutting down a boatload of servers and all online play for many EA Sports games will expire. Even if you have the notorious, 50 dollar yearly MSRP, Xbox Live Gold, you're not safe from the wrath of EA's money saving business practices.

The questions that arise are countless. Who at EA made this decision? Is it really that expensive to operate? Why doesn't EA just use Xbox Live's servers? Is it a ploy to get gamers who prefer the older versions, to just fork out the money for the latest $60 expansion?

It seems EA has a reputation of "not caring about the gamer" and making moves like this doesn't prove otherwise. I wonder why they picked up Peter Moore? He was the captain of the 360, known for having much respect for the community. What would Peter have said about this action? Did EA aquire him because they want to give their character a makeover? Whatever the hell is going on at EA, it needs to change. Peter, please show them the way.

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FCOLitsjustagame3944d ago

Not only will such a move not make me buy an updated version of their game. It will make me skip their games altogether. Only hope is that Peter Moore turns it around. Or that the consoles themselves come out with some first person sports games (but I suspect they fear EAs wrath if they do that...whoever acted first would suddenly find the other console to have a bunch of EA exclusives). Someone needs to grow a pair and face down EA with some really excellent alternatives.

benny o klaatt3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

i just remembered that EA is bringing out rockband and we all know thats gonna be expensive but are they gonna be hosting the online servers for this game? if so will they shut these servers down after two years for when rockband 2 or 3 comes out? money grabbing ar$eholes.

isnt it enough that they rehash the same crap year in year out without charging extortionate amounts for crap dlc, which just happens to be a 108kb key to unlock the features already on the disc and now shutting down servers to popular games??

me personally dont care because the only sport games i bought from them are fight night (ace) burnout (ace) and carbon (crap) but they pull this sh1t on rockband and im gonna be rather displeased

EDIT oh yeah burnout servers are shyte
oh and cant regular joe public who goes out and buy these games sue the ba$tard$ for falsely advertising online multiplayer on the back of the box?? no need for sony or ms to face the wrath of EA when the millions of people who buy the games can do it instead?


AcidRhain3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

just stop buying these games... they know how to squeeze money outta meathead gamers when it comes to their tired sports franchises. imo microsoft needs to require publishers to use their online servers, and as for sony, they need their own servers... or EA needs to drop the price of their sports games down to 40 bucks and not charge a premium price for a game that has an online expiration date. they *need* to print the expiration date right on their game boxes.