Top reasons why Metal Gear Solid Rising will be awesome on Xbox 360

Msxbox-World look at some of the reasons why Kojima Productions forthcoming game is going to be awesome on the Xbox 360 platform.

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Hyrius2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

The game won't be any better on Xbox.

It might actually be a lot better on PS3 if we can play it with the PS Move.

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raztad2982d ago

Honestly it is kind of sad. What is with xbox guys hyping multiplat games as they were exclusives?

"better on xbox" is the new exclusive now? come on. Even if game is slightly superior in the xbox, which is becoming a rarity nowadays, PS3 owners wont be missing anything that lessen their enjoyment of the games. Is all about gameplay isnt it?

Besides, I'm not sure if MGS:R will be worth a penny. Spinoff, with h'n s gameplay is not that promising. On top of that not sure if the xbox audience is even interested in this game. Did the last Ninja Gaiden do well on the xbox sales-wise?

krisq2982d ago

Wait until MS catches that and starts writing this on every multiplatform box :)

Greywulf2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

version of a game is .5% better. Yet the contradiction comes up when they claim graphics don't matter for things like UC2/Killzone/GodOfWar/GranTuri smo.

You'd get an instant headache trying to understand the logic. It will probably sell as well as Alan Wake/Splinter Cell/Banjo Kazooie. Doesn't have enough Halo/Gears in it.

Darkstorn2982d ago

The only reason Rising will be awesome on the 360 is because that platform is lacking many 'awesome' titles this year.

ShadowCK2982d ago

Shame most multiplatform games look and play better on the Xbox 360 and we have have Kinect. PS Move will cost you a fortune to kit yourself out and it isn't that innovative. It doesn’t do anything that differently than the Wii. It also looks like a dildo... there's no getting around that.

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yewles12982d ago

RDR was higher res than FFXIII. XD

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3sq2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

No, more like Halo ODST and Alan Wake.

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jizzyjones2982d ago

Better on Xbox? enjoy changing the disk every 5 mins :)

-MD-2982d ago

How long does it take to change a disk? 4 seconds? Cry more.

2982d ago
Dude Dutch2982d ago

DVD 9 , ah I remember, we used that way back in 1960 !!!

yewles12982d ago

If I have to see Raiden sob at another man's heels again like he did Snake, I will vomit.

ThanatosDMC2982d ago

No, this time he might cry to Sunny when he rescues her.

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The story is too old to be commented.