Microsoft: is Steve Ballmer about to be laid off soon?

After an emotional tribute to his 30 years at Microsoft at the annual global sales meeting CEO Steve Ballmer shed some tears. Some insiders say that this reaction was maybe not only a sign of gratitude. Could this be Ballmer's last year at Microsoft? Cynamite has the whole story.

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Square2920d ago

:D That's funny - Microsoft without Steve Ballmer??? oO

Poseidon2920d ago

omg i cracked up over that pic! XD, he looks so dumb there.

iMad2920d ago

Yes, he will leave in 2 years. preparation for this allready started

sikbeta2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Wait, isn't he the dude with more power in the MS camp, I read somewhere that he alone is backing the Gaming division against the angry shareholders, but he has more power so he can "handle" the "situation" by his own while no one can go against him, well that was like 2 and half years ago, Idk if anything changed anyway...

kingdavid2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Good to see the big oath is leaving.

His conferences are nothing short of embarrassing.

gaffyh2920d ago

I think you mean oaf lol, but I agree with you.

Shuklar2920d ago

"hes a comedian :P"

Yet he's also a douche which trumps everything

MNicholas2920d ago

He repeatedly failed to build on Microsoft's massive profitability and enormous cash reserves to take over other markets. He also absolutely failed to correctly assess and invest in future opportunities, hence, companies like Yahoo, Google, and Firefox, which started with nothing, are now the dominant players in the field.

All he did was drain the profits with one failed project after another.

Good riddance.

Looking forward to MSFT going up.

Talking about stupidity, Google looks like it's set to repeat all of Microsoft's mistakes.

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DSco42920d ago

I read "Is Steve Ballmer about to be laid soon?" LMAO

Natsu X FairyTail2920d ago

lmao. dude is already married with kids though.

Why o why2920d ago

thats more reason to believe he needs a lay me:(

Nitrowolf22920d ago

Just look at the article picture

lzim2920d ago

to a horse even uglier than himself no doubt. christ all mighty.

Keanu7772920d ago

Really? Can't believe that!

Apone2920d ago

If true, I would surely miss him...

tyrex2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

ms: where's my money ho
steve: right here honey
ms:20 bucks (slaps steve)
steve:(cyring)i tried daddy
ms: leave my sight ho (music ensues-its hard out here for a pimp)
steve:(very faintly) wait, that's in millions

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