Halo 3 Achievements Updated

While back the achievements for Halo 3 were leaked onto the interwebs for everyone to see, but it was very obvious that the achievement list wasn't finished or polished. But there has been on update and thanks to Achieve360points they feel they have the officiality official list of all 49 achievements. the biggest changes to the list are the descriptions for achievements 41-49 where it now states you need to earn a score of 15,000 for each...

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hotshot12373943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

here is why

man!! is there any game the 360 cant do.

ShiftyLookingCow3943d ago

lame as a dead rat that decomposed in the sewer for a week

Marona3943d ago

ROFLMAO.... Bubble+ XD

Antan3943d ago

hehe!! From time to time this site and its "participants" take things far too seriously! nice to have a laugh now and again.

BLACKJACK VII3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

What's MGS4 ? Is that a that a new Halo 3 achievement ?

Wow, the desperation, jealousy & denial grows for SONY TOOLS exponentially !!!

Too bad about Lair & those crappy sixaxis controls. So sad, no BIOSHOCK, MASS EFFECT, or HALO 3 for you. Here is my standard reply for all you jealous Troll Queens out there who can't stay off Xbox360 threads:

Best E3 Console Game--Mass Effect
Best E3 RPG-- Mass Effect
Best E3 Action Game--COD4
Best E3 Action/Adventure--Bioshock
Best E3 Sport Game--Madden 08(@60 FPS)
Best E3 Online Multiplayer--Halo 3
Best E3 Fighting Game--Virtua Fighter 5(Online via XBL)
Best E3 Game not Mentioned--GTAIV(episodic content)

Wow, alot of awards for dvd9 games... did I miss something ? where are the exclusive PS3 awards ?

SONY is *4.3 MILLION* consoles behind M$ & slippin' everyday. Xbox360's software currently outsells Nintendo & PS3, & that's BEFORE Bioshock, Mass Effect, & Halo3 ! Just wait for the M$'s pricecuts & the *2007* software releasing this Fall - Ouch. Unless the PS3 dramaticly increases it's abysmal hardware & software sales, more & more developers are going to CONTINUE to drop off. How's that color filtering ? Sucks to be a Fantard !! Hee hee hee, I hope you enjoy Lair, hotshot1237 !!!

It must be getting rough for all the Sony fangirls at NG4 in their efforts to bash the growing 2007 list of AAA titles on Xbox360.


By the way, MGS4 ? 9+ hours of CG coupled with gameplay from 1984 ? And the graphics ? Go "jump in a barrel" & "hug" your precious Solid Senior Citizen. The Japanese are even more interested in Blue Dragon than this title. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!

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bootsaf13943d ago

I would like you to show me one game that has multiple disks. Sure their has been talk about it. But guess what, thats all talk from fan boy ps3 sites. Thats it. Thanks!!!!!!!!

p.s. your just upset that MGS4 is comeing to xbox (another title that was supposed to be ps3 exclusive I do beleive)

xTCx Death3943d ago

im a 360 fanboy but blue dragon is on multiple disks :P

hotshot12373943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

it takes up almost the whole bluray disks which is 50 gis. and xbox has 9 gig space on there disk. so its CLEAR. they would need more then one disk. your comment just showed how STUPID YOU TRULY ARE.

and to say its run by sony fanboys. if it were, then there would have never been FAKE articles about mgs4 coming to 360. (another stupid

Scrooge3942d ago

It can be compressed to fit on a DVD9. Mass Effect is a huge game and it fits on one disk. Just give it a rest, this is not a big enough issue to make xbox fanboys feel bad.

ParaDise_LosT3943d ago

I noticed something wierd....
The 'hottest game' charts (in NG4)
its alil wierd..
there hasn't been news for Killzone2 for a long while now...
But the temp doesn't drop...yet halo3 has ALOT of news (most hitting 500%....and ITS DROPPING DOWN...

I know im just imagining it...but I think its rigged :o

Double-Edged3943d ago

the people who run this site are sony fans.

ParaDise_LosT3943d ago

To try and explain to me how that chart works, because
Killzones biggest news was gone like a month ago...
and to see it 'not' dropping is pretty incredible...
*turns on bright light*

AllroundGamer3943d ago

you must really hate this site then... maybe its time to stop visiting and posting your lame comments...

ParaDise_LosT3943d ago

Next time, try not answering a question with an attack
because all your doing is making things worst.
Now if you have an answer to my question......
then Please do come back......
Seriously, can anyone at all answer me?
How does that chart work?...
I havn't seen killzone2 drop to 27000
and it hasn't has news that reached 1k for a week now...
halo 3s been bombarded with news...most hitting 500
yet it dropped in a matter of hours!!!...

Its a true mystery to me...
I know people won't set a chart thats rigged for no reason...
I just want to

AllroundGamer3943d ago

sorry for that man, but when i see someone bashing the site that he is frequently visiting, its simply the most logical solution for him to leave and search for a better site that suites him (xbox fansite probably :) )... and i dont have a clue how the chart works ;)

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