CB Games Media Blowout: PS3's Pain For PSN

Throwing some things on buildings, moving trains or old ladies sounds like a very disturbing game, yet entertaining game. That's pretty much what the PS3's new PSN game is all about; throwing people into things and watching painful results.

Here are 4 different trailers on the game: PAIN...


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timmyp533912d ago

very original psn title. =)

Bazookajoe_833912d ago

Looks kinda fun, a perfect psn game =)

BaMYouRDeaD3912d ago

I originally wasn't going to get this, but after seeing that last trailer with everything destructible, I'm sold. (=

Neoninja3912d ago

It looks like a mix between Grand theft auto and a Disney cartoon.
A little to kiddy for me.

alexander22rednaxela3912d ago

What is the ESRB rating on thid game considering it is 100% based on violence?

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The story is too old to be commented.